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Nothing like a sniff of snuff

sprangalangsprangalang Member
edited October 2008 in General
I enjoy tobacco in several forms, pipe, snus, an occasional cigar, occasional roll up, and of course, snuff.
Now I really like my pipe, I have many blends to choose from, and good many pipes to choose from, but lately I've noticed, even after smoking a very strong (read vit N) blend, like a twist or Irish Flake, a quick pinch or two of snuff still delivers a nice lift. Have you noticed this? Just the other night I finished a whole bowl of SG #4 twist, and was feeling pretty good. Decided to top the night off with a bit of snuff, and by golly, I felt it. Not heart-beating, room spinning, but a lift, a moment of clarity, of, dare I say, brilliance. I wonder if it's psychological, or due to aroma or what. Same with a big pris of Skruf Stark. That's a pretty good strength snus, that makes my head feel warm, and still, a couple of pinches of snuff right after getting rid of the pris, delivered. Snuff rules.


  • edited October 2008 PM
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  • I just finshed a monticristo #2 and was craving a sniff of Touque Original.
    go fig.
  • nightcap, I'm jealous! Haven't had a (real) Montecristo #2 in a while! Dang I love those cigars!
  • nightcapnightcap Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    I've got a Cigar shop about 20 min away.
    Plus, one of the benifits of not having an embargo on Cuba really helps!!
    Normally I'm into the #4's but I thought I would splerge this time.
    On regular rotaion, I love a nicaraguan brand by the name of cuban leaf.
    Great flavoured cigar, great price!!.

    But back to the Toque Origianl.
    can't keep it out of my nose!
  • I think that the nic delivery of snuff goes via different channels. More direct, more specific, to more particular areas of the brain perhaps. I agree that a snuff is much different than a smoke or a pris. This lift is much more noticeable if your already high off smoke. Hats off to snuff. One of the best uses of tobacco for all time.
  • Some scientists have speculated that nicotine absorbed through snuffing bypasses the blood-brain barrier and goes directly to the brain like snuffed cocaine and simple solutions are known to do.
  • It always has felt more brainy to me then other tobaccos. Or at least much faster to get to the brain.
  • I like an occasional cigar, a couple times a week I'll have a cigarette, and some chewing tobacco every now and then, but none compares to some good snuff.
  • snuff is distincly the most pleaurable form of tobacco in my opinion. I use snus mainly for practical reasons like I can't pinch a snuff as much as I would need to at work. Or if I'am painting I can't snuff ever time I want some nic. I smoke the pipe because it's really relaxing and is great for chilling. The cigars every once and a while I'll like a good cigar.
  • The longer I use snuff, the more I want it and not pipe, cigars or dip.
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