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Snuff Head - Nice looking Yaesu!

bakdoorbakdoor Member
edited September 2012 in The Pub (Off Topic)
Wish I had one! I did just purchase two communications receivers that I haven't had a chance to try. A Sony ICF-SW7600GR and a Ten Tec Computer controlled RX320D. Are you a ham? I'm K4KMG. Well, off to work! (for only 4.5 months more!!!) Have a great day!



  • hi i started of with my baby kenwood thf7e and my yaesu vx7 im still looking at a mobile and home rig but radioworld in birmingham keep confusing me lol im an m3 but about to take my next test so fingers crossed i have used the one you have all i can say is amazing i do a lot of node work mainly to nz and usa its amazing !the ten tec must have cost you an arm and a leg top of the range arent they
  • Actually Dave, I use a Ten Tec Jupiter for high freq amateur radio work. Very fine radio. The two receivers I mentioned above are for shortwave listening. GOOD LUCK on your test!

  • Greetings from KD5KOY. I don't operate DX,, just 2meter and 70cm.
  • do you use nodes on 70 i think 70 is so much more popular than 2m it used to be the other way round due to 2m band is stronger ?
  • Greetings from DH4GG.
    Icom 745 and 2m and 70 cm.
    but at moment i have a time problem.
    In my free time i am working with wood.
  • Lol, what is going on in this thread? Are you all talking in some sort of code?
  • They're talking about their spaceships. They're aliens! "Greetings from KD5KOY." That's a robot name if I ever heard one. Robot aliens! I guess robot aliens like snuff, too.
  • ha ha m3klm here
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    Hi Tom, I did not use the computer yesterday so didn't see your thread. I was very keen on ham radio from the mid fifties with my home brew rigs etc. Then when the government surplus stuff dried up and the days of the button pushers, and tailor made rigs. Even worse the greedy RSGB wanting more members and them encouraging C.B. operators to join the ranks. The standard of operating just went down so I went QRT.

    I still do radio in a different field. Broadcasting! I was busted once but learnt from it Hi, Hi. So if the feds are reading this you won’t get me a second time as I don’t pee on my own back door.

    73 en gud DX, Tom (Bakdoor) best of luck with your new venture.
  • Pirate Radio! LOL! What type of broadcasting do you do? Music? Talk? I do agree, the standards have fallen considerably, but I'm afraid that it was inevitable. Wish I had time for DXing! With over 140 websites, (2 of which are retail), a full time job, and a gf, I don't have time to breathe!

  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    @ Tom, Music, mainly CW (country & Western) Bootlegging I think you call it over there. 73. WX es 100% wall 2 wall sun hr 2day. & 73 also to the other op's on this forum.
  • Lol just browsing through old threads and ive gotta say. i didnt understand one post on this thread except for #8 and #9
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    Hi. or it would me lol, on here (high laughter) The radio language is International, We can speak on the radio all over the world. It's a mixture of a few languages, and codes, Are U a Op, or a YL, Or ExYL Lol? 73 de Snuff Head (73= Best Regards). I read you 4&9 this moment.
  • LOL! Way to go snuff head!
  • Looking into this seriously for when SHTF.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    S is already H'ing T F! Always has been and always will be.
  • Using the AM band always. SSB occasionally on clear boredom nights and dabbling on the FM between-with skip shots to the to the east and southeast.
    No "Bill" communication is part of my bug-out-bag. No reason why not to use as these are bought and paid for!!

    Working on getting my HAM license.
  • N1THCN1THC Member
    Hey guys!

    N1THC here. 144/440/220 mainly.

    Figured I would pop-in and say hi!
    N1THC / WQYV607 - Ham Radio / GMRS Radio Operator
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