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Membership applications

AlexAlex Member
edited February 2007 in Snufftaking
How to deal with membership applications? I granted membership to Poo-Diddy as he is one of the oldest members of Snuffhouse.

If new requests come up, I would suppose to grant them memberships. Once we finished the planning and decided on charging fees or not, we should let decide the members themselves to stay or leave. Would this be okay for you?


  • Thank You Alex and everybody else involved for granting my memborship.

    Like I said though, the only thing I can probably contribute is snuff reviews, and I would be glad to do so also.

    Also I would just like to let you guys who are putting all the work in to make this happen, that I am glad to pay the memborship fee once that side of things is ironed out.

    I am excited that something like this is possibly going to be established and look forward most to the odd vision I have of one day attending an anual snuff takers convention, where we would all get together somehere to enjoy each others company while partaking in our great hobby...
  • AlexAlex Member
    Just a note for the new members: Only ISTA-Members can see posts in the category "ISTA for members" like this one. Welcome!
  • Thanks Alex,
    Do you have a committee and does it meet (online)? I love the idea of an international snuff club/brotherhood. My thoughts so far are if we do charge a fee, what benefits can we offer members? I of course would offer a discount to members; however that could be misconstrued as some sort of commercialisation. Do the existing members have any ideas?
    Just to give you an idea, I have been looking at resurrecting the “Society of Snuff Grinders, Blenders and Purveyors” the benefits for members are purely commercial and aimed at the snuff trade. We will be offering chamber of commerce membership, free corporate legal aid and reduced price credit card processing and all for a membership fee that is 25% of existing Chamber of Commerce membership fees.
  • AlexAlex Member
    edited January 2014 PM
    It's all up to you. @alwaysbeclosing had the initial idea. The rest has to be sorted out I guess.
  • Glad to see some renewed interest in this, it is definitely something I would like to be a part of, fee or not.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited June 2008 PM
    As Roderick suggests, we need to start thinking about the formal structure of the ISTA and its aims and objectives. For most clubs and associations this means a constitution, committee and roles like president, chair, secretary etc. I think without a structure of some sort the ISTA could easily be just a more exclusive bit of this forum - which is fine if thats what folks want of course. But as Roderick also touches on, a more formal group can also benefit the members. Just some thoughts, I'm not trying to push it either way.

    Roderick, I love the idea of the old trade association coming back. Ive still got a dog eared 'all about snuff and snuff taking' published by them, with an introduction by the delightfully named 'Vivien.S.Rose'! I used to see him in Smiths in the early 80's. He really should have been stuffed and kept in the shop as he was the perfect ideal of a snuff shop owner.

    Hope it works out.
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