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Heart rate

edited October 2008 in General
I have a heart rate monitor which I use for training on my mountain bike. I've read some articles about how one's heart rate increases when taking snuff. So, I "installed" my heart rate monitor and took some big blobs of Taxi change in heart rate. I then took a lot of other change in heart rate. My question to you gentlemen is whether anyone of you ever tried this and if so, with what results?



  • i guess its all to do with a lot of things like when you are stressed nicotine will for sure speed your heart up as well as the type of heart rate monitor you use one that goes around your chest to a watch may not pic it up tell you what il try this on sunday on an ecg matchine and scan the results on my pc and post here if you like ! It would be interesting to see .
  • Ha. Heart rate. I have permanent a permanent heart arrhythmia from snorting a dangerous amount of something other than snuff for a long period of time. Every second or third beat just..skips..and then I guess it tries to pick back up and beats 2 or 3 at once. This is a constant thing. My fault I suppose. Heh. At any rate, I couldn't know if snuff is also affecting this since it is probably as bad as it can get. Wouldn't ever stop me from snuffing though. MMMM..delicious McChrystals'..

  • In my lowly opinion I think snuff does cause your heart rate to increase.

    In my job we have regular health checks. I took a few pinches of snuff then had my blood pressure taken about 30 mins later and the fitness instructor said my heart rate was faster than he'd like. The last time he took my heart rate I hadn't been using snuff for a few days he said it was normal...connection there? I'd say its very likely.
  • Oh, there's no doubt there. It's a stimulant. It will most definitely raise your heart rate. Over time, I'm sure that raise could become permanent. By then, your body will be more used to it. Doesn't give you cancer though.
    That's a plus.
  • I have do the same thing, but whit the pulseoximeter of the ambulance, after almost 1 gram of snuff, no significant variation in the heart rate, just a little.
  • Depends on the snuff. Some don't do anything. Rooster definitely does. My heart is thumping pretty hard right now.
  • Rooster is a very strong snuff though, you can tell when you take a pinch
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