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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

Lets have a chat folks

AbraxasAbraxas Member
edited August 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
The following is a whisper from Hydrahead:

"Dethklok fucking rules!!!
Oh and I think the stupid British pig should go choke on some bangers and mash and fucking die. DIE YOU BASTARD DIE!!!"

I agree that certain things are best ignored, and that this individual is probably some kid but there are surely limits to what we as a group tolerate.

As I said earlier this will happen more and more; we need moderators. Offensive arguments are one thing but this is certainly beyond what I will put up with.

Has anyone got any way of contacting Alex?


  • I haven't seen Alex in a while. I didn't check back on this forum for a month or two, and now that I've returned there is all this talk about moderators and such. I think it is sad that we can't act as adults, and although we shouldn't need moderators it seems more and more like people are getting out of hand.
    I elect Lazarus, Troutstroker, and Nightcap for such a position. They are full of knowledge and I think they could pull it together.
    That's just my opinion. Take it for what it is.
  • LazarusLazarus Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    Hydrahead has been acting strangely lately. I don't know why but I received a very odd PM from him the other day too. It wasn't abusive like the post above but it was non-sensical.

    Alex has been AWOL for sometime now...has anyone tried sending him an email to his personal address listed on his profile?

    I'm glad to see a few members have voiced their support for me becoming a Mod. I think its important to protect this forum from trolls & abusive posters. If we could track down Alex we could sort it out...I wonder if hes on holiday or something.
  • *Promotional Commercial*
    Elect Lazarus '08.
    Lazarus promises to stop the trolls and abusive posters.
    He will stop any taxes on snuff for middle class families (He told me this....HA)
    Can you afford not to elect him?
    "This message approved by Snuffers for Lazarus (SFL)"
  • It might be an idea to use this thread to store any personal attacks for referance? My point is that it has gone over the line when you get whispers - a whisper amounts to a personal email and in actual fact the above message would be illegal if sent in the UK.

    I can understand the desire to act like adults but we have to wake up to the fact that there are people out there that are weird, dysfuntional etc and we have absolutely no defence beyond ignoring it at the moment. What if this kid decides to use this forum to post offensive images or whatever here, just to cause aggravation. Having no mechanism to deal with this is like leaving your front door unlocked at night because you think everyone should act nice!

    This will continue to get in the way of us enjoying our hobby unless we act, I second Snuffy's suggestions for those moderators.
  • SFL!! I couldn't agree more, laz is an honourable and decent man, Lazarus 08!!
  • LazarusLazarus Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    @ Snuffster: Thats a good idea mate, keep a record of any more abuse. When Alex finally returns it will be a useful source of info. From my own experience Alex deals with these situations quickly and fairly so when he does return he'll sort it out.

    @ Snuffy: LOL
  • Alright then. Snuffster and I are the founding members of the SFL. Will anyone else join us? I'm going to dedicate a thread to such.
  • Hey Snuffy, let things develop here and then we'll run the election campaign on another thread. We don't know his position yet, and he is certainly a very busy man at the moment
  • Started the thread.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    This is something I've discussed with snuffster & merdock69 before.

    I think we need a policy new members have to read before they join like a 'code of conduct' user agreement would be great, and possibly keep the policy a sticky at the top of page or somewhere easily seen. And maybe something all current members have to agree to before they can continue using the forum. You can no longer use the excuse "this is a public forum & a free country, I can say what I want". That way they are held responsible if they are abusive or rude & are in violation of the forums policy & let it be known in the agreement that they can get booted without question if they violate this agreement. But it has to be a clear violation that was witnessed by other members before they get booted. We don't need people making claims of abuse to get someone booted just because they may not like someone. Every offender should be warned on the first offense & given 1 final chance to obey the policy because a slip of the tongue/keyboard does happen. If they screw up again, they need to be banned. But this raises another problem, If someone is banned, who's to say they just won't create another account under a different name if they are determined to be an ass.
  • I don't know all the technical details but it's possible to ban an IP address. They could still create another account but it'd likely have to be from a different location. So at least they'd still suffer some inconvenience.
  • Matt, that won't work for the determined. There are many free programs for anonymous web surfing, proxy servers etc. that you can either hide your ip address or bounce around to different ones from right there in your home.

    Like this site Dark Proxy. Its free & all you do is type in the url of where you want to go & presto. Lets you in to any site your blocked from.
  • Maybe..... Hydrahead IS Alex!
  • nightcapnightcap Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    "Maybe..... Hydrahead IS Alex!"

  • Ejacarooni - it could go across several pieces of legislation depending upon the intent of the author, the situation and the proximity of the author to victim. As a random example, had he intended to make me believe that he would kill me that would be a specific offence known as 'making threats to kill' There is legislation for people who send malicous communications as well as an act that deals with harassment.
  • MattMatt Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    Good point Troutstroker and lskllr.
  • Does that mean there is no way of keeping them out if they have sufficient knowledge?

    It would of course send out the right message and keep the less IT aware out.
  • No way to keep them out unless you dump a lot of money into the site & running cross reference checks against your drivers license & or other identification numbers.
  • Well I suppose there are still a lot of folks like me who wouldn't know this stuff
  • That was hilarious, nightcap. That would be my reaction, dead on.
  • Hydrahead - what exactly are your motives here? In actual fact with a suffcient explanation you might well be welcomed back. It seems clear that you have some kind of issue, maybe even mental illness - I don't know. If that is the case I see no reason not to support you as long as we understand what your problem is. Something is obviously going wrong for you and you I can see that you need attention. In actual fact you could have all the attention you like by being a genuine member and getting involved in the discussions, but whispering us with obscene remarks really needs to stop.

    I'm no doctor or counsellor but would be more than willing to chat with you. I do have a lot of experience in dealing with people with problems and sometimes it helps to talk things through. This is a genuine offer. If you want to whisper me please do, but please don't waste my time with a lot of swearing and offensive language.

    Alternatively, just become a normal member. It really doesn't matter if you get banned and find a way back in, people will simply ignore you.
  • Oh!...........But keep quiet, the idiots will read the above...Don't give them ammunition.
  • I for one accept that apology, and you have my sympathy for whatever is causing you pain. Welcome back.
  • NO problem
  • strange.
  • It might be but something is clearly hurting him. I would hate not to get a second chance when I f***k up, which has been more than once! He's apologised and that is good enough for me.
  • It's one thing to "F" up in real life, knowing what ramifications may occur, but on the "net" everyone has a sense of imortality!
    Everyone is Cocky, thinking ther will be no consequences.
    There are no faces to deal with!!
    That's why there are so many trolls here in the first place!
    I say 2nd chances are earned on
    Especially after such drama has taken place.
  • Well, I can see your point but he can only earn his second chance by being allowed to carry on posting and getting involved. I don't think there should ever be more than a second chance though. The thing that has swung it for me is that he has made an apology, without any reservations. I would never extend this to persistent trolls but if someone says Im sorry, my life has fallen apart and Ive done something stupid then I personally am happy to give them a second chance. Call it a probation if you like. Maybe my job influences me - I see a lot of people that act out of character because of life events; they are not hardened criminals just people like any member of your family that has temporarily gone off the rails. If no lasting or significant damage or hurt has been done and we are convinced of their remorse - minor misdemanours - we can caution them rather than jail them. But no one gets a third chance.
  • Wow this is impressive. Have a cold pint on me, snuffster! You're my kind of guy.
  • Probably time I added my two penn'orth....

    I do agree that effective moderation is necessary. That doesn't mean that it has to be in any way heavy-handed but anyone causing trouble and disruption, behaving in any other than a gentlemanly fashion, does need dealing with promptly. Without that we end up with the sort of situation we can see all too often on the SnuffBox mailing list. I don't think anyone is calling for all messages to be vetted before they go "live" but rather to have the possibility of dealing with messages and members as required. This, in my view, requires more than one moderator, so that there is no significant down time, with nobody at the helm.

    I own and/or co-moderate quite a few mailing lists (hobby-related but nothing to do with snuff), a couple of them quite large. All have more than one moderator and in all of them abuse and trouble making is dealt with very promptly, making them friendly and sociable places to "hang out". The net result is that such problems are thankfully very uncommon and rarely do I find I or the others mods have to wield the big stick. I don't see an internet based forum like this being any different to an email list in that respect.

    Ideally, once Alex is back it would be great if he could appoint two or three co-moderators, preferably from all around the world so that the time zone problem is covered - say, another one in Europe, one in the Americas and one in the Far East or Australasia. I do hope he takes that step as without it we will eventually see existing members dropping out as the forum becomes increasingly dominated by the sort of behaviour we have seen on occasions of late.

    - Tony
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