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How do you organize / store your snuff?

miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
edited October 2008 in General
I've been trying to figure out something to buy or build to keep my snuff organized and accessible, and in my case, a little out of site. I wondered if anyone out there had built or found something cool to display their snuff collection. This is the best I've found so far. The airtight stainless can on top is for my soon to arrive (I hope) big bag off Toque menthol and my "backstock" of tins. I lined the drawers with typical shelf liner to keep the tins from sliding around. The drawer set only cost $25.00 so I can add more later. It looks kinda fancy and matches my desk pretty well. I've never put pics up on this site before so we'll see how it goes...


  • Cool setup. I keep most of my snuff in a star wars lunch box. Though eventually I'd like something similar to a spice rack, i little mini cabinet with shelves that sort of angle backwards to display my snuff and make it easily accessible.
  • How elegant! I have a couple surplus 50 cal. ammo boxes that seal hermetically. They are basically full of tins and bags of snuff. The only drawback is having to dig around to tins close the bottom. I try to keep mainly unopened duplicates down there.
  • I don't know which I like best, the sophisticated leather unit or Stiches ultra manly use of 'Ammo Boxes' (arthurshall).
  • Since this is set up in my home office where I see clients, the idea was to avoid the 20 questions or strange looks. I think the ammo boxes stacked on my desk would get me a differant kind of strange look... More manly though.
  • I stack them on a shelf. I feel one step above a hobo now.
  • I'm with ya bob. I have them strewn in various drawers around the house.
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  • I kept meaning to start a thread like this, I'm always curious where people keep their massive stashes. We want pictures people! :)

    Mine is in a (now full) desk draw, pic to follow sometime soonish.
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  • Lol, nice one lxskllr, pic does not disappoint! Always have tabasco and snuff close by!
  • The proper priorities, essential things like snuff up front and keyboard in the back. I would move up the Tabaso though!
  • Wow Miamimark, that storage unit for your snuff is very cool! I keep mine in a small chest (almost looks like an old pirates treasure chest) its getting a little cramped in there at the moment!

    In fact i've not ordered any fresh snuff for quite some time as I went OTT before and have to use up some of my older snuffs before they pass their 'sniff by date'
  • Thanks Lazarus. I was hoping for some pics from some of the old timers out there to get some ideas. I figured some of these 3xl manly men had built something using power tools and wood and such.
  • Nice setup. I keep my snuff in the fridge though.
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  • I use a cardboard box. Yeah, not very classy. The only good thing is when I run out of space it's easy to upgrade to a bigger box ;^)
  • Scooby looks like he's going to pinch some snuff in that picture, lxskllr.
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  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited October 2008 PM

    You can use the tabasco to rehydrate any snuff that has dried out!! It helps bring out the natural flavor of tobacco.
  • @lxskllr:What is that snuff in the green round plastic box?
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  • darn the licorice lime was awesome frankly. Though the pilsner and cognac where the best.
  • This is "the pit of oblivion" on the side of my bed.
  • I'm starting to see a theme here. Am I the only one that keeps the tabasco in the kitchen?
  • Yes, please explain. Do you add the Tabasco to your malt liquor?
  • My self, like so.
    In my desk.

    OT: LAZ.
    the pouce with your name on it is coming a.s.a.p.
    Harvest has been crazy and I can't seem to get home b4 the post office closes.
    I'm trying!!

  • No badbusinessman it is for the food that goes with the malt liquor. I eat in front of my computer in the bedroom hence I need it on the table so to speak.
    IT'S NOT FOOD WITHOUT HEAT! That's my way of life anyway.
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