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McChrystals - Stammheimer Hopfen Schnupf

Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
edited September 2012 in Types of Snuff
Stammheimer Hopfen Schnupf


If you love snuff and also enjoy an ice cold beer you may have dreamed about a beer flavored snuff, at least I have. Through tons of research on the web I had heard of a very hard to find snuff that was just that. One day I finally stumbled across an online snuff shop that carried this snuff. Rajek's House of smoke. The price is 4.05 EUR (about $5.25 in US currency) for a medium sized tin (roughly 10 grams). Thanks to the help from Andy at I was able to get my hands on a tin of this snuff without having to endure the high cost of shipping (about $20 US Currency for pretty much any sized order from Rajek to the US).

Anyways on to the snuff itself.

This snuff is basically brown in color and is a fairly fine grind which needs to be taken with care as to not sniff too hard and hit the back of your throat. It is not mentholated and in my opinion is extremely easy on the nose making this an ideal all day snuff that will not have your nose running like a faucet.

As for the flavor, it does smell like beer. To me it reminds me of the smell of an empty glass of beer that has dried but not yet been washed. The flavor lasts for about 5-10 minutes but is not extremely overpowering like many of the perfumed snuffs available. Once again making it a great all day snuff.

I would rate this snuff a perfect 10 as it allows me to have the sensation of partaking in both my snufftaking and beer drinking vices at the same time all day. I only wish it was easier to get ahold of in the USA, but as good as this stuff is I couldn't resist sucking it up as far as the shipping costs and ordering a few more tins as well as a few Automatik-boxes from Rajek. This snuff makes it worth it, a definite must try.


  • Hey All,

    I've now got some Stammheimer Hopfen Schnupf in stock. I will order more if people like it.

    Personally I think it's excellent - Poo-Diddy's description does it justice and Stammheimer Hopfen Schnupf may score a '10' with quite a few people. It has a sharp tangy hit when first snuffed that kind of takes you aback!

    Certainly unusual, it is a pleasant and surprising snuff worthy of the McChrystals' badge...

  • I got my tin from snuffstore. It is climbing my list of favorites, and I wouldn't be surprised if it makes it to the top. It's a nice light snuff, and not mentholated so you can use it all day. This weekend I had some with a big glass of wheat beer, and the two went together great. I would recommend this one for every snuffer to try.
  • We have some in stock also folks. Finally got it clear of US customs. Had an interesting chat with a NY Customs inspector. Guy held it up for close on a month because he doesn't understand US labeling laws. Tried to force me to put a chewing tobacco warning label on every tin. I told him it is NASAL snuff. His argument was that ' could put it in your mouth, so it should have the warning" ....I told him there are lots of things you could put in your mouth that you probably shouldn't but that doesn't make it smart to do so. You can put nails in your mouth but that doesn't mean the nail manufacturer needs to warn people not to. (Ok, I admit i was being somewhat facetious at this point). Any way I sent him the relevant laws, plus FDC decision on labeling. He took it to National Trade Commission, they agreed with me and we now have Stammheimer Hops/Hopfen Schnupf available in the USA.
  • NoseBagNoseBag Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    Hi Guys,

    Someone was asking about the origins of Stammheimer Hopfen Schnupf, so here's what I gleaned from McChrystals (and referring to my notes), when asked whether we could get hold of this lovely and unusual hops snuff at the beginning of the year.

    It was blended specifically for the Swiss market and for a hops farm with the same name - Stammheimer, a while back. The snuff is blended by McChrystals using hops only from the Stammheimer hop farm and so is a little more 'exclusive & expensive' than other snuffs.

    The farm have a range of other hop related items for sale, if you check the above link you'll see what I mean.

    When I asked Ian McChrystal whether they did a 'hops snuff' and whether they'd be prepared to supply Snuff Store, he was a little surprised that news of this snuff had leaked out of Switzerland - but more than happy to oblige.

    As always, if there's anything you'd like me to try and get my hands on, feel free to drop me a line. I'm currently working on two brands and their variety of blends, that aren't currently available outside of their 'native' countries... Watch this space.


    Snuff Store
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