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Royal George

lemanleman Member
edited October 2008 in General
It seems that everyone either loves or hates WIlsons of Sharrows Royal Geroge. I happen to love the stuff. What do you all think of it?


  • I don't love it or hate it but rather its one I'll pinch from on occasion.
  • Love it but it has been awhile so who knows.
  • Oh yeah! Royal George! That's what I'll have. With some Amaretto...Yum!
  • I like it, but tend to forget it because I have a large assortment of snuff flavourers. I think it is even better if mixed equally with F&T High Dry Toast.
  • I absolutely hate this stuff, its like snorting baby powder. Nasty, nasty stuff!

  • W is a baby and needs to take a powder He He Ha Ha Ho Ho
  • its best used a as a mixer, see whats in yuor snuffbox for my latest recipe
  • I must say I love Royal George snuff, it's very unusual so I wouldn't necessarily use it everyday but its nice to take every once in a while
  • Try using it to powder yourself when your going commando. 1985
  • I absolutely love Royal George. I use it for my Sunday snuff, having replaced the, in my opinon, extremely overrated and extremely boring Cafe Royale.
  • The last snuff i'd go to!
  • Great, but only occasional for me. Try some with Wilsons Best SP (George Best).
  • I LIKE Royal George on it's own but I LOVE it as a mixer. I have Best SP and Tom Buck, both with a touch of RG blended in and it is very nice.

    @ Viking, I like the Cafe Royale a lot but I use it sparingly. That way it stays "fresh" for me.

    @ Snuff Head, I did not try mixing RG with F&T HDT yet. But if you say it's nice, I will have to try it too.
  • hosshoss Member
    I enjoy the Royal George. Not an everyday snuff and not my favorite, but it's nice.
  • It's like putting playdough up your nose...rarely go to this one.
  • I only use it when I have to clean the cat box.
  • Pieter - I don't pinch often from CR, since I find it is perhaps simply not a very interesting flavor? (To me that is of couse) I made some mocca snuff myself, from Persian Esfahan tobacco, which I incidentally like better *lol* - of course CR is not a bad snuff at all, but considering the price, I still think it's somewhat overrated.
  • I opened a tin of this a few days ago--I have to give props to for the freshness, it still had the ammonia undertone--(am I allowed to do that?) anyway, I absolutely love this stuff!
    This is one of the best things I've ever smelled, I want to purchase a crate of it and swim around in it. :D
    Wonderful stuff, as are all of the WoS snuffs I've tried. (okay maybe not the lavender so much, but maybe it'll grow on me)
  • I think if you just dump all your WoS snuffs in a big jar together and mix well, you will have Royal George.

    When I was a kid, my friends and I thought we were clever ordering a "Suicide" from the soda bars at roller rinks and bowling alleys. Coke or Pepsi (or even RC in those days), root beer, sprite or 7up, ginger ale if they had it, orange soda, grape soda, etc all together. Yeah it tasted kind of like Dr. Pepper. Or Royal George.

    End result: fun once in a while, but not an everyday thing.
  • bobbob Member
    we call that drink "hi how you doing" I have no idea why. It just a strang elocal thing.
  • I think Royal George is a masterfully crafted dynamic blend. Highly aromatic yet not floral. One of a kind, not to be matched. It has nary a facet of scent I do not enjoy. Having it has only added to my pleasure of snuffing. I feel fortunate to have partaken of it's greatness. This doesn't mean I would use it all day. On the contrary, I use it mostly as a bedtime treat like florals, as a dream catching snuff. Cheers to Wilsons of Sharrow for this one!
  • lemanleman Member
    I do love my Royal George, even more now than when I started this thread when I first started snuffing this time around. I've since gotten a 1/2lb drum of it, which was as fresh as fresh can be. I like to put a bit in a tin for a day or so before really digging into it, this lets the ammonia scent disappear, so I can enjoy it even more.
  • Royal George is unique and I love it. However, I see it and use it as a kind of condiment, like salt or pepper - a flavour enhancer. And I agree with Pieter; RG and TB are made to be blended together; just a little dab of RG in your SP is still one of the best cocktails, IMHO. As for taking it on its own, yeah, sometimes but it is a bit intense for all day use. If you like RG you may like 'Otterhound' (made by SG from memory??) - another high perfume snuff.
  • Perhaps i was too harsh initially. There are times when I can appreciate it's unique qualities.
  • It's not something I use everyday but when I do get the urge I leave a nice dent in the tin. I also enjoy Otterhound once in a while.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited March 2010 PM
    1 vanilla ....... Well here is my best guess.
    2 tonquin ....... Can anybody replace one of these with something?
    3 cinnamon ....... Or are there any other educated guesses I can consider?
    4 clove
    5 bergamot ....... Lets get this thing licked!
    6 rose
    7 cherry
    8 almond
    9 apricot
    10 carnation
    11 musk
    12 violet
    13 nutmeg
    14 raspberry
    15 orange
    16 cardamom
    17 neroli
    18 lemon
    19 anise
    20 strawberry
  • XanderXander Member
    edited March 2010 PM
    I just had some earlier and put my thoughts on snuffreviews. I definately agree with: 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,15. Very likely: 13, 16,19,20.
    The rest are as good enough guesses to satisfy me.

    Good job!
  • bobbob Member
    I still think they just dump the left overs of their other snuff together. I need to get a tin of royal george soon it's still one of my favorites. Yeah I like the perfumy snuffs a lot.
  • I just rehydrated a tonquin bean ovrenight in an empty Ntsu tub filled with water. After removing the water and bean, the tub is left with a very strong an unmistakable scent of Royal George.
    Mystery unravelled?
  • don't forget the sandalwood
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