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How many different snuffs per day?

lemanleman Member
edited October 2008 in General
How many cans/boxes/bullets do you guys take with you when you leave the house for the day?

I usually take four - two menthols and two non menthols, but no matter which ones I take with me there's always one that I crave all day and have to take a big pinch of the minute I get home from work.


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  • I usually take one or two to work with me. Depends what i've got on that day. If there is going to be some waiting around I bring two. If i'm going to be busy I take one as I wouldn't have time to appreciate any more ;o)
  • This is where I get smug.... working from home. They're all available when I'm working!

    When I go to the pub I usually take four with me, one in each waistcoat pocket. If I'm out during the day it will only be one or two and one of those will be the current mixture - the odds and ends that end up in an old plastic Bernard's box.
  • I always take 5 tins with me to work. One I keep in my pocket and 4 in my desk. I change it around every day. When I get home after work, I go through another 3 to 5 snuffs before going to bed. I ALWAYS end the day with some McChrystals O&G
  • I usually carry 3 of 'onefortheroad's boxes with me. One Walnut (Spanish Jewel), one Oak (Toque Original), one Padauk (Honey Bee).
  • Varies on the day (from time expected to be gone, what I will be doing, & any snuff moochers going to be around) On average its 2. But could be 1 or 4. Overnight trip is a different story, have to pack an extra suitcase!!
  • LOL! I know what you mean Troutstroker. Last time I was going to be out for a couple days I stood there staring at the collection for quite awhile trying to decide what to bring.
  • It can cause quite a dilemma when you know you'll be away from your collection for a few days. Its always better to have more than enough then to be stuck somewhere craving something you didn't bring.
  • Very true! Last time we went away for two weeks I did take a camera case full.....
  • My wife moans when we go away for a couple of days. She told my son it takes me longer to pack my snuff than it takes her to pack clothes for both of us!!
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  • I usually take 2 or 3 non-menthols for the day. This week it has been toque toffee and in the snuffbox a mix of F&T Bordeaux and st. clements. If I do take a menthol it is a mild 1 like zwiefacher or SG afterglow. I usually only do the heavy menthols at home. I have only taken a few trips with snuff and it has been the old standbys gawith apricot and ozona presidents.
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  • Menthols go great with coffee, hot or iced! Anything else doesn't seem to work.
  • Try peppermint with bourbon instead of menthol. Big difference imho.
  • It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it LOL Just got a fresh tin of peppermint. Sounds like it's worth trying!
  • I take a single snuff box, I tend to use just one snuff for a week or so then move on to something else
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