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Snuff as NRT

snuffdogsnuffdog Member
edited October 2008 in General
Am I alone here or is there some adjustment period before a newbie snuffer, particularly one with heavy nicotine requirements, begins to fully appreciate the effects of sniffin snuff? When I first started about 2 months ago, I was under the impression that snuff was merely for the taste and ritual aspect rather than the seemingly minute amounts of nicotine ingested? The great flavors were just that and not an effective nicotine replacement device.

Thankfully it turns out my assumptions were incorrect, as I had hoped, and I can actually receive quite an healthy dose of vitamin N. That 'ex-smoking snuffers' were not just very light smokers to begin with at all, and that snuff can and does work for smoking cessation. As a matter of fact, when done properly, snuff can deliver as much and more satisfaction than smoking. Did this occur with any of you all? There isn't much here regarding any adjustment period or maybe I just missed it.

In any case, I would again like to thank this site's admin and it's contributors for creating an informative and friendly resource! Snuffing alone, especially paired with snus, turns out to be the most effective and pleasurable alternative to cigarettes I've come across. Certainly more appealing than the joke of Big Pharma's prohibitively expensive NRT's, and it's been around forever! ;)


  • NoseBagNoseBag Member
    edited October 2008 PM
    Hi SnuffDog,

    There's a bit of info out there which should help you with your research.

    Firstly the Lancet snuff article from the 1980's - this is generally difficult to find online, so I've scanned it and loaded it on Snuff Store. You can 'right click' the link and choose 'Save Target As' and download it on to your computer, or read it online if you prefer. This is still referred to in recent medical journals - perhaps due to the lack of anything more current.

    Secondly, check out the Smokeless New Zealand website's snuff research section, which refers to the above and others, but is a little more 'readable'.

    There's a few more articles, which I'm sure others will add for you.

    Best Regards

    Snuff Store
  • Thanks Tim, great links. I don't doubt any of that and like I said, I can feel it quite strongly now. It's curious how I couldn't feel the nicotine for a while after I started but several snussers on another forum reported little feeling as well.

    As a matter of fact, that first article states that snuff spikes your nicotine levels beyond what's ever been recorded in smoker's tests, and I don't doubt that for a minute either after sampling Rooster and Taxi!

    I think that's good information for the more cynical smokers, like me, who need a little encouragement when first weening themselves.
  • Hi Snuffdog. :-)

    I'm a heavy smoker and now use snuff in the places where the Health Fascists have banned smoking. (Work, Trains, Pubs, etc.) I've found it a cheap and effective substitute for my roll-ups or pipe. (And definately cheaper and more enjoyable than Nicorette Nasal Spray which I used to use.)

    If you want a hefty nicotine kick - I recommend the Bernard Schmaltzers. They work for me ! :-)

    It's true you have to wait a few moments for the nicotine to "hit" - but you soon learn to be patient, whilst enjoying the complex scents of the particular mixture.
  • Thanks for the response Superfly, yep, I'm quite happy with snuffing now and am feeling the effects nicely. I'm also looking forward to the order I just placed the other day with Tim at the Snuff Store for a few of the Scmaltzers. If they're half as good as the hype I'll be happy!

    What I meant by 'wait' though, I was referring to the first couple weeks when my system wasn't reacting well to snuff at all, like I wasn't taking in any nicotine. I could barely feel the effects (a short adjustment period I guess), but that's sorted itself out and am enjoying my new hobby tremendously.
  • Hmmm Snuffdog ...... the "excessive" in me says that perhaps you weren't indulging frequently enough !! :-)

    But more restrainedly - I suppose for folk who give up fags completely in favour of snuff there's bound to be an adjustment period as the body gets used to a radical change in nicotine intake, frequency, and style. After all - you'll have to get over the satisfaction effect of drawing on a cigarette for a start - which must be one hell of an adjustment to make. That's in addition to the paradigm shift of absorbing dry nicotine through the nasal membrane, instead of a big smoke filled hit into the lungs which the body's got used to.

    Glad things are going well my friend.
  • I don't know Superfly, I'm sniffin about as much as my sinuses allow, the difference is in my sinuses. I think my body wasn't recognizing or using the snuff very efficiently at first, those reports Tim posted indicate this as well with new and infrequent users. Strange, but now I can feel a hit just about as strong as a cigarette's, and it's great! Between snuff and snus, I'm not suffering any pangs, maybe the occasional craving for a cigarette, but not nicotine.

    Just in case you're correct in your assessment though, I'm gonna bury my nose in the powder to make certain I'm getting as much snuff up there as humanly possible! :) Thanks again for the feedback and wish you well with your snuffin pursuits too. And...if you haven't tried Rooster of one of the other American Scotches, do yourself the flavor and get some, nothing hit's harder, not even Taxi! Rooster will put to rest any cigarette craving quickly.
  • I agree with snuffdog the body seems to need to learn how to get nic out of snuff. Even though I tend to take larger pinchs I've also noticed more satisfaction with takeing smaller pinches then I have before. The last cigeratte I had not only tasted terrible and horrid it seemed to pack no punch.
  • Yep Bob, I'm pretty happy that I'm beginning to crave pinches instead of cigarettes lately. I was beginning to doubt that was gonna happen, but it does given time. Fortunately the great flavors kept my interest till my body adjusted.
  • Snuff for me has been the best NRT I have found. Before discovering snuff I'd use chewing tobacco, or moist oral snuff when I couldn't smoke. I have also tried nicotine gum. Snuff is more enjoyable than nicotine gum, and the different flavors are a big plus to keep me going back to snuff instead of smokes. I still have 1 or 2 cigarettes a day, but my craving for them is getting less each day. Hopefully soon I'll be just a snuffer.
  • There is definately a period where you have to aclimatise to the new delivery system. You are used to your nic in a very specific way as a smoker, and I firmly believe that the ritual, feeling of the smoke, taste etc are just as much a part of the addiction as the nicotine. But as we know, snuff can deliver a good jolt of the precious stuff, its the exact same substance, so you just have to divorce the rituals and previous elements of smoking from the single issue of nicotine addiction. All very achieveable but it takes some learning time. I smoked heavily and was as hooked as its possible to be but snuff did it for me and, most importantly, continues to do it for me. As part of my quitting regime I also decided that I would offer no explanations to anyone, make no promises to those around me and if I wanted a smoke I would have one without the slightest feelings of guilt. In some way thats always helped me.

    To anyone struggling; just stick with it and loose the guilt if you have a smoke; long term snuff will help you.
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