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Hooray for Wilson's!!!

SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
edited October 2008 in General
Many of you saw my thread on the problematic tin of Fribourg & Treyer's Princes here:

I'm really delighted to say that today I received a beautiful parcel from Dave Atkin, the Mill Manager at Wilson's of Sharrow.

Not only did he send along a fresh 2 ounce tin of Princes to replace my bad 1 oz. tin, but he also sent along a lovely giftpack of 12 medium tins of Wilson's flavors including Cherry Menthol, Aniseeed Extra, Best SP, Lemon Grove, S.P. 100, Crumbs of Comfort, Irish D.H. Toast #20, Queens, Peppermint, Wallflower, Honey Menthol, and Irish Coffee.

All this with a handwritten, personal note.

I'm so pleased to be able to give a good recommendation and two thumbs up to Dave Atkin and Wilson's of Sharrow. If anyone has any troubles with their Wilson's or F&T I recommend you address it with Mr. Atkin. He is clearly a man of his word who cares about his customers and will make things right.

Thanks to all the brothers of snuff who supported me here and best wishes to all!

Happy Snuffing!



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