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Some Interesting History!!!

ShooterShooter Member
edited October 2008 in General
Well just got back from vacation which was a little trip into american history. Went to Jamestown, York Town and Colonial Williamsburg after a week in Washington D.C. The interesting point was when visiting Mount Vernon in the museum was our first First Ladies two very nice snuff boxes. I thought it was kinda interesting that Martha Washington was a snuff user but George wasn't.


  • George had wooden teeth. He was an oral snuff user LOL
  • Uh,actually i think i read somwhere that George did use snuff.
  • I always love to learn more snuff history. I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to find a book all about snuff. Does anyone know of such a book?
  • leman,

    Check out this link. Snuff Literature
  • Thanks Troutstroker. NoseBag whispered me a link as well. I love this place, everyone is very helpful. This forum is just another great thing about snuff. I don't think you'll find a cigarette forum, with people talking about the complex flavors of their favorite cigarette, or how many different cigarettes they have in their collection. Hooray for SnuffHouse!!!
  • shooter- did you get any pics of the snuffboxes? I'd love to see them if you did.

    yes leman this is a great forum, I've yet to be let down. cigarette forum?!! hah LOL I'm so glad to say I haven't had one in over a year and never plan to again.
  • onefortheroad, unfortunately they didn't allow photography in the museum.

    roam, no mention or evidence of George partaking that I saw but wouldn't be suprised. Maybe he made Martha carry it for him???????
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