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And the winner is......

RoderickRoderick Member
edited November 2008 in General
Snuffy! Congratulations to snuffy, the winner of the 2008 Toque Video Arts Prize!


  • Congrats Snuffy!!
  • Well done Snuffy, it was a good entry :o)
  • Congratulations ;)

    Any comforting award for 2nd place? :P
  • you get the satisfaction of knowing your video got lots of votes :o)
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Thanks alot, guys. Even you, spawnn..=]
    It was alot of fun.
  • Would all entrants please email their names and addresses to
  • No probs Roderick, just sent it to you.
  • Congrats Snuffy!
    And thank you Roderick for having the competition
    and thank you everyone that submitted an entry and provided us with some entertainment.
    I look forward to seeing what people might come up with next year.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Congratulations Snuffy
  • Done, Roderick ;)

    Snuffy, you probably want to say "especially you, Spawnn" :P

    P.S. Gloria victis! (from lat. "Hail to the defeated" - BTW famous polish book, why we always lose? :P)

  • Well done Snuffy!
  • Congratulations Snuffy and well done every one - i enjoyed watching all the videos :)
  • onefortheroadonefortheroad Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Hey Snuffy...I was wondering if you could post a picture of your prizes? Just wanted to check out the trophy and snuffbox. Not necessarily the years supply of snuff though, that will just make us jealous ;-)

    My apologies in advance if these were already posted somewhere and I missed them.
  • Congratulations Snuffy and commiserations to the worthy runners-up.
  • Poor Snuffy is still waiting on the snuffbox and trophy coming back from the engravers. Hopefully we should be posting them to him next week.
  • Thanks again everyone. No problem, oneforetheroad. You'll see 'em when I see 'em. I am highly anticipating their arrival, though I know it won't be for at least another week and a half. But hey, it gives me something to look forward to when I walk in the door.
  • What luck! ok keep me posted.
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