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Nicotine concerns

LazarusLazarus Member
edited November 2008 in General
Hi folks

As some of you may know I wasn't a 'smoker' before I started taking snuff. I had tried cigarettes & the odd cigar (which I always enjoyed more) when I was in college but I was never a 'smoker' per se.

I now find after about a year of snuffing fairly regularly that I am starting to crave a smoke. Specifically cigars. This is obviously a slight worry and I am beginning to wonder if there is some sort of link. Snuff obviously contains nicotine and is addictive. I am wondering if the addiction is starting to affect me and that perhaps snuff isn't giving me enough of a hit anymore...

It could be absolutely nothing and i'm barking up the wrong tree. Has anyone else here taken up snuff without having been a smoker previously and if so has it effected you in the same way?



  • Hi Lazarus.

    I don't fit into your category - but I have the opinion that if someone had never tried cigarettes or a cigar prior to taking up snuff - it's such a radical difference in method and effect that merely taking snuff would not invoke the desire to smoke. Maybe the nicotine would induce taking more snuff - but unless the person fancied trying smoking, I can't see the link.

    I wonder if you remember how you enjoyed the odd cigar back then - and are now fancying trying some again.

  • I used to smoke cigars much more regularly, but rarely want them any more. I dipped Copenhagen in high school and college. I was never a smoker. I would say that snuff replaced any desire for other tobacco, except that after learning about snus on this forum, I tried it, and now I tend to use snus at work and snuff at home. Cigars are great, though. They're worse for your health and your love life, but they're damn pleasant to smoke.
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  • That's half the problem...cigarettes make me want to puke most of the time but cigars smell and taste great...
  • there is nothing wrong with having a cigar like once or twice a week probably.
  • I agree with betonente. From what I've read, if you get mouth cancer smoking 2 cigars a week, you just got extremely unlucky.
  • Cigars DO smell and taste great. The only problem is having enough money to smoke good ones these days.
  • LazarusLazarus Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Idealy I don't want to start smoking cigars although I am tempted. Cancer doesn't really worry me in that respect, more my wife! lol

    It seemed odd that I suddenly began craving them today, perhaps it is partly my exposure to nicotine through snuff and stress.
  • Don't know what you are snuffing these days, but try taking a few big pinches of one of the American Scotches and then light up a cigar. The experience wont be much fun and should get rid of any desire to smoke. Nicotine overload. I smoked a (good) cigar every day for years, but have not had one in a long time. Just too much nicotine when combining with the snuff, so I stopped. I have 2 humidors full of great cigars that I haven't touched in ages.

    No offense to those that enjoy the international snuffs, but for me, they just didn't have the nic kick I was looking for. I eventually gravitated to the American Scotches, which for me, are very satisfying both in flavor and nicotine.

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  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    There must be something to what Mortimir said. I remember Cigar Afficionado magazine used to list dozens or even hundreds of insurance companies that rate pipe and cigar smokers as non-smokers.

    Tom, keep that humidor working and your cigars will be worth more than gold when you get in the mood for smoking them again!
  • LOL! Yes, I keep them in good shape!

  • I agree with Tom. I started gravitating more towards the American Scotches because of the Nic hit. Now they are my "everyday" snuffs. I still like Toque and Pöschl's but, more of a "Treat" snuff or, I mix them with the Scotches.
  • I guess I'm the only person on this forum who started using snuff whilst being a non-smoker. Thats interesting but not unexpected I guess.

    I am still unsure as to whether there is a connection between my taking snuff and this sudden desire to smoke a good cigar. Perhaps I just fancy one by chance...

    Thanks for all your advice :o) I have ordered a fairly small cuban cigar online which i'm gonna smoke just to see if that satisfies me then hopefully the craving will go away
  • I don't smoke cigarettes! Never have. Never will. I do smoke everything else though. But not so much lately. The bad thing about smoking is that it will interfere with your snuff enjoyment by drying your sinuses out. As a snuffer when you smoke you tend to use your nose more to enjoy the tobacco. It's just natural. Go ahead and have a cigar you deserve one. Buy a good one and enjoy it. Don't get too exited. You will miss snuff too much to start smoking cheap ones. I have a collection of fine pipe tobacco's that I hit every so often. I wish I would more but the convenience of snuffing wins nine times out of ten. I am saying all this with a prilla of snus in my lip so take it all with a grain of salt. (mmmmmm, yummy, salty, drippy tobacco).
  • lazarus: no, you are not. or not really.
    i always was a very light smoker (like one pipe a week or so). nicotine-wise that makes me a non-smoker effectively.

    i surely do not crave nicotine, it is all about flavour. and about the buzz sometimes, but thats only like once a month or so.
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    I agree with betonente. I also consider myself a non smoker as I sometimes go many months (usually all summer long, until it cools quite a bit) without thinking about lighting up. I think there may have been a few years in between where I didn't smoke anything at all. I take snuff for the flavor and lift. To me it's like a good drink or anything else, to be enjoyed in moderation. One of life's simple pleasures.
  • I gave up smoking 5 years ago. I practically forgot how it was like smoking. I'm new to snuff, one month, but it never made me recall smoking let alone craving for smoke. On the other hand maybe one month does not mean anything.
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  • Thanks alot for all the posts guys, I really appreciate it :o)
  • Well I just got myself a cuban cigar from and I'm deciding when I should smoke it. Its not easy as I can't smoke at home, in the pubs and its constantly raining outside! LOL

    I might have to smoke it in the car!
  • dont smoke a cigar in the car. especially not a rathger earthy, heavy one like the cuba cigars usually are. the scent would never leave again.

    wait for a nice, not rainy, but possibly slightly gloomy autumn / early winter day and have a walk while smoking. plan something in between 1 and 2 hours, depending on how big that cigar is.

    but dont wait too long, unless you have a humidor at home. the cigar should be fine fore a week or so outside the humidor. unless you put it atop the heating or something, whichj will result in immediate ruin.
  • Jezz,now when you mention it,I too crave a cigar.And i'm a smoker.
    Just last night i dreamed i smoked a cigar,lol.
    Actually I was up till 2 in tme morning,heh,a little bit too much of gletscher priese.
    Well what can you do,i just love it.
  • I really enjoyed my pipe yesterday. With some cuban pipe tobacco wonderfull stuff.
  • LazarusLazarus Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Thanks for that post Betonente, I wasn't keen on smoking it in the car anyway as you said I didn't want to stink the car out, not be relaxed when smoking it or drop it on my lap whilst driving and burn my legs! (not very safe)

    I am going to a pub in my local town with an old friend (who happens to be a cigarette smoker) so i'll sit with him outside and smoke it then. It should be nice :o)

    I am a little concerned at your comment about keeping cigars in a humidor. I have bought 3 cubans recently which I have kept in a bedside cabinet. They are stored in a clear plastic bag with a seal on the top then inside bubble-wrap in a small cardboard box. They have already been in there about 2 weeks and I am unsure when I will actually be smoking them (but it should be soonish) How long will they keep for if not stored in a humidor?

  • They can keep for an indeterminate amount of time that way, the problem is they probably won't. As long as the humidity is correct the cigar will keep indefinitely excepting for damage, which you can bet on. You also want to guard against fluctuations; drying out and re-hydrating will lead to loss and off-flavor. Basically, in theory they'll keep, but I wouldn't keep my good ones that way for any longer than I could help it. Damn, talking about em is making me want one too. :P
  • If you don't have a good humidor, smoke them as soon as possible. It's easy not to stink up your car, crack both front windows open. Don't get too much airflow as your cigar will smoke hot. Just enough to carry the smoke out.

    The drivers behind you will be jealous.
  • They work well enough in a pouch of pipe tobacco but they never seem to keep the level of humidity high enough for cigars. The capacity is so small that you wind up forgetting to fill them sooner or later and your cigars dry out. If you don't have a real humidor you really need to smoke whatever you buy in a few days. I find beyond 2 or 3 days they really go downhill.
  • Well thanks for all the advice fellas but I smoked that Cuban stogie this afternoon and very nice it was too! I was actually disappointed it didn't last longer (it was quite small)
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