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Question for the pinchers

triolustriolus Member
edited November 2008 in General
I think pinching is the best way to snuff... it's discreet, can be done in any weather, and is usually "cleaner" (for me at least). However.. it always sticks to my fingers.

At home, no problem.. I just sniff it up. But when I'm out, I don't wanna sit around with my fingers up my nose. What do you pinchers do with the leftovers on your fingers?


  • brush it off on my blue jeans mostly.
  • I'm with Matt on this one, although, for me at least, the American snuffs are so dry that very little remains on my fingers. I usually carry one of those mini packs of Kleenex. I have a mustache, and I find that I need to wipe it after snuffing to get the leftovers off. LOL.

  • I usually don't have very much left on the fingers. When I take a pinch I tap my pinched fingers on the top of snuff container to shake off all the loose snuff. As I sniff I rub my pinched fingers together as I'm snuffing & this helps to release any snuff stuck to fingers.
  • I am also with matt, I just rub the excess on my trousers
  • A lot of people pick their nose in public, snuffers or not. I don't really mind. I have noticed that if I touch my nose and someone is looking they will unconsciously also touch their nose. Almost as if I was subconsciously indicating that there was a reason for them to do that. Very funny right? People can be very self conscious sometimes. Then at other times God damns what they do while we watch. I personally hesitate to snuff off the back of my hand or from a bullet in public due to the negative connotations with drug use. But a pinch looks like a pick and that is mostly socially acceptable. After a while people that know you will get used to you walking around with smudges on your face OR you get a mirror. Mirrors rule the earth. Where would we be without mirrors? Blah, blah, blah. That'll be two dollars please.
  • I think a pinch looks like your smelling something personaly not that super strange.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Thats what hankies are for :)
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