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multiple pinches // snuff intake

betonentebetonente Member
edited November 2008 in General
how many do you snuff in what time?

i do not snuff every day, more like twice a week. but when i snuff i often find myself with a solid buzz after taking like 10 pinches in three minutes or so. the reason is i begin to crave certain flavours after taking certain other flavours. no idea whether there is a pattern, but snuffing makes me wanna try other snuffs.

in the Lancet article on nicotine through snuff intake (i do not have the link here. it should be on the snuff-store site or on Roderick`s) it says that "multiple pinches" produces extreme levels of nicotine intake. wehat exactly is "multiple pinches"? i find that very blurry. maybe someone can shed light on this?



  • I'm not exactly sure what they mean, but Roderick told me that two split-pea sized pinches in each nostril approximates the nicotine absorbed from 1 cigarette. So that's where a smoker would start to ease cravings and anything above becomes recreational, so to speak. ;)
  • Um...Ten pinches in three minutes is unequivocally "multiple pinches"! Thinking on this subject though, my one pinch, (two actually, one each side) if left in for three minutes before blowing, may give the same nicotine as your ten. So really, length of exposure should be considered. Anyways wow! I know what you mean about gluttony. It's very challenging. I personally don't think it's fair to the craftsmen who create these wonders for me to layer in too many types. A specific and appreciable combination yes, but a non-stop Halloween candy binge. Shame on you! Or not. How are you feeling? Are you buzzing? Have a pinch on me. Cheers!
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    There are probably alot of variables besides the amount like moisture, grind, nicotine in the snuff itself (surely varies from one snuff to another), how long you keep it in, how moist your nose is, etc., etc., etc. I'm still a newbie so I usually do 3 pinches a side in about 15 minutes and that's enough for me for several hours. I could do more but I don't like buzzing and it isn't an addiction for me as some days I don't take snuff at all. Whenever I take snuff, I want to enjoy the fragrance and a bit of a lift. The same thing for me with a pipe or cigar....I've smoked for more than 30 years but sometimes I don't smoke for months at a time. It should be an enjoyable pastime and not an unconscious addiction.
  • [b]snuffbox ssssays:[/b] [quote]It should be an enjoyable pastime and not an unconscious addiction.[/quote]

    Hmm, I suppose you're correct sir... However, regardless of what it should be, I believe this is not only an enjoyable pastime, but also a means of quitting a dangerous addiction to cigarettes. Even if we're only transferring our addiction from one format to another, this one is much safer, and yes, very enjoyable at the same time. Evidently some of us, or me to be more accurate, aren't as strong willed as those who can play with an addictive substance for decades and walk away fortunate enough to not have developed an addiction to it. It's not as though I ever wanted an addiction, and I also started using tobacco solely for pleasure.
  • I don't think it's willpower, some of us are blessed to be more or less affected by various things.

    If you smoke cancer sticks, by all means, snuff your way to good health!
  • I need more customers like him! LOL!

  • Wow 10 pinches in 3 minutes! Are they big piling pinches? A solid buzz, I would hope so! lol If I take 3 a side within that time, it's a good dose for me. Now you have me thinking, and I may "push the envelope". lol

    I had a friend who, could smoke cigarettes only when drinking. I admired that, myself being a heavy smoker at the time. I asked him how often he drinks. He said, "every day".
  • edited November 2008 PM
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  • really?

    is it so much?

    coming to think of it i am not actually sure whether i really have 10 pinches. maybe like 6 or so?
    its usually a pea sized pinch that i count as "1 pinch". a bit less with dry snuffs, more with poeschl fluffys.

    i usually do something like this once every three days or so, so it is not an addiction probably.

    actually i do not really like the buzz. so after reading your amused comments i believe now that less snuff would be (even) more fun. great. ^^
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  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I have to ask... if you don't like the buzz, why do you keep chain-snuffing?
  • The beauty of the art of snuffing is in the eye of the beholder. Yes! snuffing is an art. Ten snuffs in three minutes is a masterpiece that should not just be taken at it's face value but submerged deeply into the psyke. Framed by this thread in a forum full of individual and collective works. I think this may be one of my favorites. By George, we don't even have a clue as to the type of snuff that was used.
  • @juxtaposer: are you making fun of me, sir? (its ok if you do ^^)
    to answer your question: the snuffs used in such oversnuffs differ. but usually poeschl apricot, poeschl gletscherprise and something more natural have a place in there. the last snuff is nearly always toque menthol, to get everything out of my nose again.

    @triolus: weird, isnt it? as i stated, it has something to do with an urge to try lots of flavours whenever i start snuffing. your question is very legitimate and i believe - as i stated - that it will contribute to my enjoyment of snuff if i cut down on the amount i use at one time. that i will do.
  • I've decided not to worry about how often is normal, or what everyone else uses in a day. Whenever I want a pinch I'll have a pinch. When I tried to to the average amount, it felt more like snuffing was a job, or a means to an end. I'd rather keep it at an enjoyable hobby (even if I am a bit excessive). :o)
  • Fun with you my friend! I can relate completely to going on what I would call a snuff binge. Unfortunately I have always been disappointed with the results. There seems to be a point where I cross into the territory of neurosis wich ruins the experience that I had intended to have. I don't doubt that it could be pulled off. But for myself I would have to have some kind of rhythm or rhyme to my flavors. Seems your selections are fairly reasonable. Thanks for sharing. I'm always trying to be funny not really sarcastic though. Glad you don't take offence.
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