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Dog likes Bernards

sprangalangsprangalang Member
edited November 2008 in General
When I smoke my pipe, my dog comes up, snorts and walks away. Last night I was into the Bernards Virginie, and man, was she interested. Kept coming right up to me and sniffing my face, licking my nose. lol


  • maybe because it smells like cowshit..? ^^
  • :-D I like putting cowshit up my nose. lol
    no actually it has a sweet flavor like maple, I think because it is stored next to the schmalzers, and they are in cardboard boxes, so the scent migrated.
  • oh, dont get me wrong. i love the virginie.

    but it has a dungy note..

    what schmalzler did you store it near to?
  • Did anyone visit Bernard's factory? What about the cleanliness?
  • I have a friend who's dog loves old Paris like that. President too for some reason.
  • I forgot the name, it's the one with the evil-looking monk. lol
  • @snuffbox: never been there, but if you are intimidated by the old video showing nasty rusty machines i can comfort you. they moved to another factory and apparently the manufacturing process changed too. probably much cleaner now.
  • Dog's sense of smell is supposed to be 50,000 times what ours is. But there's no accounting for taste.
  • betonente that's what I was thinking about. I didn't see the film but I did see the comments here from people who did! I was hoping someone toured their operation and could tell us more. I'm always surprised when people who live in England or Germany don't go over and see snuff mills! I would certainly enjoy trips like that if I could go...

    stitch, dogs have tremendous scent discrimination. Not only do they have more power resolving smells, they smell individual components of things while we smell the collective effect. This is why you can't fool dogs by burying illegal substances in coffee. A person just smells coffee. The dog smells coffee and whatever the bastard was hiding...
  • Is the dog maybe a ST BERNARD ??
  • Pieter I was waiting until now for somebody to say this LOL Congrats!
  • I just wonder what they're thinking when chomping down on horse turds. A friend had a Dalmation who did this and then would come and try to lick your face. I once put one of those instant breath strips on his tongue. It worked pretty well!
  • They're thinking about the alfalfa and apples the horse ate LOL. Actually dogs that eat crap usually have some kind of vitamin deficiency. Healthy dogs don't eat crap.
  • the main reason i hate dogs is that they eat crap. disgusting.
  • I know this is way off topic and an old thread but i must correct snuffbox. A healthy dog will never eat DOG (as in there own or others) crap but just about any dog healthy or not for some reason or another really seem to love horse crap its kind of a doggy delicacy i guess. Nineteen years livin on a farm and you just kind of know things like that.
  • Cattle are mad about dry chicken droppings. I saw them pushing down a fence to reach a mount of chicken droppings which was intended to use as fertilizer
  • weird that one i did not know.
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