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First American Snuff~!

SnuffySnuffy Member
edited November 2008 in General
Alright, well I just received an order of snuff (from GREAT SITE) that contained my first American snuffs. A tin of Rooster, a tin of Peach, and a tin of W.E.Garrett scotch. When I first opened the Rooster, it had a familiar smell that I couldn't put my finger on. Then my woman brought it to my attention that it smelled like the 19 year old cigars I had recently found in my basement ("It's A Boy"'s from when I was born). She was absolutely right. These snuffs smell like 19 year old cigars that have been kept in my musty basement.
At any rate, the first I tried was Rooster. I could tell as soon as I began to pinch it that the grind was much more fine than any snuff I have tried. A good sized pinch in the right nostril, and I was off. It burned less than I thought it would, and once I knew what the smell reminded me of, it didn't bother me much anymore. The nicotine hit was awesome. More than any I have experienced from snuff.
The next I tried was Peach. About the same scent, a little less intense, and the color was a much lighter brown.I took a good sized pinch in the left nostril and found the results to be the same.
Haven't tried the Garrett yet, but plan to soon.
Just wanted to let everyone know how I liked the American snuffs.
Are there any others that you would recommend?


  • Rooster coarse? I guess my lack of experience shows. I thought it's a pretty fine grind.
  • Shit. I worded that incorrectly. You are right, it's very fine. Mind was on other things when I posted it. Ha.
    Changing it now.
    Sorry about that.
  • It's all relative. Rooster is more coarse in comparison, for example, to Tops Sweet, but then there are the snuffs from the 'Dutch Windmill' that are like boulders. Very nice boulders though!

  • Rooster coarser than Tops??? Yeah... I had to go check that one... That's a pretty fine hair you're splitting Tom, but OK. :)
  • LOL! Maybe it's just the texture that's different. Smoother, softer, creamier etc... than the Rooster.
  • Some other good American ones I would recommend are Levi Garrett, Tube Rose, Square & Strawberry Sweet. Society is another nice one for an occasional sweet dessert snuff.
  • Do they all have that same basic taste? I guess it's the 'scotch' taste, I'm not sure, but both Rooster and Peach have it (not to mention the Brutons scotch sample I received). Just wondering..
  • FWIW... & imho... for the sweets I like Society... like very much Tops... and LOVE the WE Garrett.
  • Snuffy I think once you get accustomed to the US scotches the distinguishing characteristics will become less subtle.
  • @bigblue; FWIW = for what it's worth
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