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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

It's setlled,I've made up my mind.

RoamRoam Member
edited September 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
After tonight,enjoying a few of Borkum Riff(French Vanilla),and 3 pints,I've decided that from the 31st January this year I'm only at cigars(Borkum,Independence Original) and snuff,as you might not have heard cigarettes are skyrocketing up for 5Kn,to which the average price will be about €3,so it is becoming really expenisve.
From then on onkly snuff,cigars,and pipe.
I've promised myself that (after coming back from my tobacconists),when i get a job I'll buy myself a treat in form of a pipe,which at my tobbaconist is no less than €100,I will do it this way.

P.S. Enjoying a pinch of Gletscher Priese and Gletscher Priese extra(extra supplied by yours Tony!,Cheers mate!)


  • Hey Roam,

    Best of luck with the snuff experiment, you'll save a load of cash. Cigarettes in the UK are over £5.00 a packet of 20 - that's $8.00 at current rates... I don't know how people can continue to afford buying them at that price!

    Speak soon.
  • Thanks Time,it's not really an exiperiment since I'm snuffing for a year now,just need to get rid of fags.
    And that a whole lot expensive fags,you can get almost 2 tins of Toque for £5.00.
  • Glad you're still enjoying that one! And good luck with the quitting cigs.
  • Apparently in the UK they are now printing pictures of lung cancers on the backs of cig packets. Pretty much the final confirmation that I am happy to be a non cigatette smoking snuffer.
  • I love the fact that cuban cigars don't come with health warnings printed all over the boxes!
  • @snuffster:well they did that back in the US and Canada some time ago I think,didn't really help though.
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