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Need a very strong (niccotine) snuff

tran65tran65 Member
edited November 2008 in General
Hello all I am from the U.S. Pennsylvania to be more specific. I have been lurking here for about 6 months and have been dabbeling in snuff for about a year or so on and off. Well here is my dilema I want to quit using spit snuff (skoal) and go completely to nasal snuff but my problem is as follows. I have gotten so used to the massive amounts of niccotine delivered by skoal and the likes that the nasal snuff seems to do nothing to satisfy my craving. So I need a very potent nasal snuff i have an old tin of tube rose but it doesn't seem to do the job either. I really like the blend texture and moistness of the posechl gletscher prise but am willing to try anything that will give me a huge nic hit. I really enjoy this hobby and would like to make it my only source for niccotine so any help would be useful thanks.


  • RobMERobME Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Rooster @ (don't thank me now, :) I owe it all to snuffhouse).
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    I've been dipping Kodiak since 1989. I am no doubt a heavy user as I have chewed a tin a day everyday since 1989 and if I drank then most likely I sawed through 2 cans on that day.

    In 2006 I started using nasal snuff for the same reason it appears to me that you wish to use nasal snuff.

    In 2006 I just developed another habit.

    I now have over 130 different nasal snuffs and I can assure you through experience not a one of them will help you quit using the chew if you still have it in your mind that you need a strong hit of nicotine and if you don't get it from snuff you will get it from dip.

    What I can tell you is this, that when you really deep down inside decide you no longer wish to chew wether it be due to the price, your gums hurting, or maybe just your loved ones pressure you enough to quit that you finally decide to throw the can away that is the time that snuff will help you.

    If it's because of the price, snuff will help you because it is ridiculously cheap to get snuff.

    If it's because of your gums hurting, it will help you in knowing that you are using a tobacco product which can not harm your mouth.

    If it's because of the pressure of your loved ones, it will help you and your loved ones to know that you are taking a tobacco product that at this time has no known serious side effects on your health.

    So in a nutshell, snuff won't help you quit chewing tobacco until you find that reason whatever it may be to quit on your own. I havn't quite hit that point yet, but I'm close, and it is for all 3 of the reasons I listed above. You may have an entirely different reason that becomes important enough to you to cause you to throw away your can of skoal.

    I know that when I finally do reach that point, snuff will be there to help me.

    But like I said, until then I just have 2 habits and so will you if you think like I did that there is some magical nicotine powered snuff that is out there that can replace your dip habit.


    Sorry for the long post, but I hope somewhere in there you can understand the message and that somewhere down the road me and you can both look back and say we have finally kicked that habit...

    Good Luck Bro.....
  • I must say that snuff is generally not very strong with regards to a pure nicotine 'hit'

    Your best bet is Rooster: that is powerful snuff!
  • try DHOLAKIA sparrow cool!!!!
  • Rooster for sure, and you might want to try some Taxi too. These are especially good used in conjunction for the quick hit Rooster gives and the slower hit from the Taxi as a little backup. Just my 2 cents, ymmv. ;)
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    edited November 2008 PM
    To quit cigs, I used a combination of mint snuff pouches AND nasal snuff. I don't think I could have done it without a combination of both.
    *To clarify... The mint snuff I'm refering to is a non tobacco, all natural mint product. It really helps with the oral and behavioral cravings.
  • I couldn't quit solely using snuff either and add varying amounts of snus to my daily regimen. I would highly recommend considering snus if the snuff is proving too difficult by itself. Snus gives a healthy dose of nicotine along with great flavor while being far gentler on the teeth and gums in comparison to American dip. The combo of snus and snuff can put the toughest cravings to rest.
  • DHOLAKIA Sparrow Green is also a strong snuff and, of course, if you want a VERY nice aroma AND nicotine, invest in some DHOLAKIA Swiss Chocolate.
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  • If you can tough it out for three days without any tobacco products, your nicotine tolerance will go down to the point where you can feel it from snuff. It's a little like salt. I had to cut way down on salt for health reasons. I love salty foods, but after preparing my own meals and watching the salt, I find most restaurant foods and prepared foods are now too salty for me to enjoy.
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  • Thanks Rob!

    Having used Rooster for many years, I have yet to find anything stronger. I still remember the first 'rush'! There may be stronger, but I have yet to try it.

  • I would like to echo poo-diddy's comments. I'm a 30 year Copenhagen dipper so I know what nicotines all about. Once I decided I was tired of having something in my mouth all the time it was very easy and I am totally happy with the nicotine from my nasal snuff. My snuff of choice either Tom Buck or Toque Original always keeps me satisfied. Takes just a few days for the transformation.

    Good Luck!!!
  • DLTDLT Member
    I went from a 2-pack-a-day cig habit to a pipe, to chew, and now only use snuff in conjunction with smoking around 2 or 3 pipefuls a day. I must say that snuff is really helping me kick the chew habit. I've been off the Skoal over two weeks now, and the snuff has been a real lifesaver.

    I now believe that snuff is one of the best ways to partake of tobacco, in terms of health, expense, and the fact that it is darned tasty!
  • Stu90Stu90 Member
    edited August 2009 PM
    I very recently stopped smoking cigarettes / roll-ups (4 days ago to be precise) WOS IHT #22 and Toque Quit have kept my cravings at bay.
    What's working for me is just to get on with it, don't let it dwell or build up in your head.
  • Eventually one gets used to less nicotine. Like salt, the less one uses, the stronger the effect from a given dose. At first the lower dose seems disappointing, but over a few day one becomes more sensitive. I had been using us scotches and some other stout varieties for a month or so. Then I took a massive hit of Wilsons and it was much weaker than I remembered. After a week of backing off the hi-nic varieties I could appreciate the Wilsons as much as I always had. So I am afraid, tran65, that a period of mild discomfort and adjustment to lower nic levels must be endured before you find complete satisfaction in snuff. On the bright side, the variety of pleasure that await your nose is probably far more than you can imagine. Good luck and welcome to snuffhouse!
  • On my experience nicotine you get from snuff depends on how big pinch you have and how often you do it. I smoked about 60-70 cigarettes every day now decreased to about 10-15. My everyday snuff is Gletcherprise and after 2-3 big pinches i get a little too much nicotine then I need and I don't have any craving for a cigarette. I think Toque quit will be good for you. It is on my wishlist now.
    While converting there is nothing wrong to do both habits. Its less stressful. To be honest the converting process started naturally on me. I discovered how much I like snuff and how big pleasure it is. The more I take it the less cigs I need to smoke. From time to time I smoke a pipe too. I think that now I feel better the taste of the pipe then before.
    GoodLuck in finding best snuff for you.
  • I have read of people quitting cigs and dip by switching to nasal snuff and snus.
  • As a few others mentioned I would highly recomend snus to lose the dip. I dipped copenhagen for 20+ years and tried all the classic methods to quit. With snus I just found a few flavors I really like and that was the end of it. I snus as much as I dipped, but no longer have painful bleeding gums, random sores, nasty snuff breath or funky spittoons hanging around. Nic is never an issue and some heavy hitters like Oden spin my head. Granted you're just trading one habit for another, but I'm much more happy.

    Snus sites:

    As for snuff, do try the Rooster! Hope this helps :)
  • Dholakia Kamal is high in nicotine and does me justice. I would say try that or Either the Sparrow Green or Sparrow Cool. Haven't tried Rooster yet but hear good things. Hope you can kick the skoal my man, good luck.
  • I'd suggest you combine snuffs. You will get a hit from snuff but it comes on mild compared to cigarettes (I have no experience with dip so that's my baseline.) I find pipe smoking similar... the nicotine comes but it takes it's time coming when you don't inhale.

    Snuffs not only have different nicotine contents, but different rates of absorption. American toasts are dry and fine, so regardless of nic content it hits your bloodstream fairly quickly. The more european styles of Wilsons, F&T, and some toques are moist and courser ground. They may have just as much nicotine but it'll go into your bloodstream slowly. If you're trying to break another nic habit it's easier if you use several snuffs and give yourself a few minutes to let the craving go away.

    For me I'll start with a euro snuff which coats the nose and will be absorbed slow. A few minutes later I'll top up with a toast - the burn is much reduced and you then have several snuffs being absorbed at different rates. That flattens out the craving so I can settle on whatever all day snuff I've decided on. If i'm really hanging out I'll chew on a sweet or something to distract myself from the oral craving. It doesn't take long then to settle in.

    I find the high nic american toasts good for getting rid of the craving initially, but the moister snuffs better for staving it off in the long run. Their absorption is slower so there's no rollercoaster, and the choice of aromatics satisfies a different type of craving. A nose full of sandalwood or arrack certainly keeps your awareness of snuffing in the front of your mind, and something about that awareness of satisfying the craving helps keep me from falling off the wagon. Having a good collection of styles to choose from helps.

    I also smoke a pipe once or twice a day - another habit that requires more effort and self-reflection than cigs. Both the pipe and snuffing have become a ritual to me. I'm perfectly happy with both of them, and deliberately choose to snuff or pipe smoke rather than smoke cigarettes. If i forget this (under stress for example) I'll go through a convenient pack of cigarettes in a day without thinking. It's a matter of sticking to the snuff ritual and developing a fondness for it in it's own right. It's nicotine after all and won't break your other nic habits unless you find it more enjoyable. Luckily there's enough joy in snuff to get you over the hurdle if you persevere.
  • I think Poo-Diddy hit the nail on the head. You've got to really be ready 'cos when Mr. N sinks his claws into your back it's one of the most difficult monkeys to throw off.

    I still love snus. I take one or two each day. I like the nic punch in the morning and the other one usually is to give my nose a break for a while. Interestingly enough I've come to find snuff the MOST satisfying form of tobacco and not for the nic. I drive over 200 miles/day and I don't even take snus on the road any more. I've also found that smaller pinches more often is what my body appreciates most. The pinches get massive when I stay w/ the same snuff for more than three or four hours so switching up will help too. Variety is the spice of my nose.
  • I can only echo what others have said - try Rooster! Dholakia Black & White are also at the high end of the nic spectrum, but the White might just blow the front of your face off....
  • Lol Debbie yes the white is a beast.

  • If only I could get more white . . .
  • My white sample is almost gone... I hope to be able to buy some stateside soon.
  • The strongest snuff in my collection, nicotine wise, is NTSU. Makes my head spin.
  • I noticed the White Snuff was listed as Elephant Snuff on a site. I think it was Filek that was looking for some Elephant snuff a while back.
  • I never got my white sample. :(
    Taxi red has a good long-lasting kick, if you can deal with the dip-like texture. I'm gonna try drying and re-grinding a batch.
  • Jeff, I've dried and re-ground NTSU and it made a nice difference. I'm sure you will get good results with Taxi too.
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