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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Wilsons Menthols

SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
edited November 2008 in Types of Snuff
A lot of people including me seem to be interested in understanding the wide variety of Wilsons Menthols. After spending a little time with a few different ones this is what I found. Take what I say with a Crumb of Comfort because I've had a head cold for a few weeks and maybe missing some subtleties.

S.M. 500 --- this is a favorite of mine, very strong and penetrating, clear eucalyptus fragrance even overpowering the menthol, but with the menthol carrying the eucalyptus fragrance into the sinuses. Very refreshing and guaranteed good blow after a few minutes leaving your head clear and dry. Excellent snuff.

Cherry Menthol --- I do get black cherry from this but I also pick up something medicinal (chemical?) that doesn't agree with me. It may even be eucalyptus which I normally do like very much but in this combination it tastes odd. And it's very sweet. Not nearly as penetrating as S.M. 500. Not a favorite although if you like candy snuffs and want to move away from that clogging brand, you'll probably like this one very much. A nice blow after a few minutes, but doesn't clear as well as S.M. 500. I can definitely feel the nicotine here.

Honey Menthol --- this is a good honey taste, not overpowered by the menthol, with a nice clean finish. Not medicinal. Again not as penetrating as S.M. 500 but still a good snuff. If you like honey and menthol (or menthol and honey) you will enjoy this one. Moist and very pleasant. I can definitely feel the nicotine here also.

Aniseed Extra --- this is a very clean and strong anise taste, with some eucalyptus and menthol. Very agreeable snuff, good blow after a few minutes but as with the other two menthols above, not as penetrating as S.M. 500. I would place this in strength of aroma between S.M. 500 and the Cherry and Honey menthols. Nice finish on this one.

Crumbs of Comfort -- this is a very heavy spearmint taste, so much so that if there's menthol in here I can't taste any. It is aromatic and does give a good blow after a few minutes. What I especially like about this one is I don't feel any nicotine from this, so you can use it a few times to clear your head if you need to without finding the room spinning around you.

Peppermint -- also listed under the WIlsons S.M. (Sharrow Medicated) so it supposedly has menthol (which anyway is based on mint extracts). This is a clean peppermint taste with a fair nicotine hit. Does a good job clearing the nose after a blow and leaves a nice taste. This and CoC seem to have a double-base, one medium/fine ground and one on the finer side. I find it feels odd at the uptake, with some finer particles going a bit further back if I'm not paying attention. I think this and CoC could both benefit from a more homogenous grind.


  • Love the Honey Menthol in the evening at the end of the day. I like the S.M. blue better than 500 because it is sweeter and not as sharp.
  • I really want to try the S.M. Blue as well. It's on my list of snuffs I need to buy.
  • My favorite menthol from Wilson's is the Extra Strong Menthol. When I want menthol I really want menthol, so this one does the trick.
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    I ordered S.M. 500, S.M. Blue, Super Menthol, and C&M. Didn't order any Extra Strong. Have you tried the Super? It's sounds very nice, they say it's a strong menthol on their citrus base. I wonder if this is the same menthol as Extra Strong only with more flavor underneath but it's hard to tell from their descriptions.
  • Enjoying some Honey Menthol right now!

  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Oops wrong thread
  • thehooksterthehookster Member
    edited March 2010 PM
    Hello all,
    I am looking for more insight on WoS Menthols, I need to make a bulk order of one but do not know which one to go with :-(

    I currently have S.M.500, S.M. Blue, S.M. Brown, Super and Extra Menthol, the Super is probably my Fav due to its citrus base but i also like S.M. 500????

    What is your Favorite out of all WoS Menthols and how does the regular WoS Sharrow Medicated compare to all these others? Im thinking the O&G S.M. might be the best??? I need to try it! any insight?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Whisper pal.
  • ronron Member
    One of my favorite WoS menthols is raspberry. Possibly not a popular choice, but I like it alot.
  • bobbob Member
    that is a great one ron!
  • I've said it in another thread, but I think Wilson's Raspberry is my favorite. I like it better than Ozona, McChrystal's or either of Toque's Raspberries. No offense to the other companies though, they each have other snuff offerings that I like better than wilson's so it's all fair.
  • SpyroSpyro Member
    I've tried most of the Wilson's menthols. I have to admit some confusion with so many variations. The Menthol Plus really stands out the most in my mind from what I can recall. I wouldn't turn any of them down. Not much of a fan for the Licorice Ice tho.
  • My favorites (so far) are the Menthol Plus and the S.M. Blue.
  • Their best menthol in my opinion is their Prime Minister. Spearmint and peppermint, plus menthol of course.
  • SM 500 and SM Blue seem to be about the only menthols I like. With a hat tip to O&G. I use only a couple pinches of them a day.
  • SpyroSpyro Member
    @bigmick - Just curious about something, have you noticed any difference between O&G and Highland Ice? I can't tell them apart? Maybe there's something there my nose just isn't picking up.
  • It's been said they are the same, The Highland Ice was for the American market. That was before the Internet shops.
  • XanderXander Member
    No way. There is a huge difference. Highland Ice is strong menthol with a hefty dose of eucalyptus. O&G is moderate menthol with some camphor and some citrus. I got a pile of various minor tins at Mr. Snuff's clearance sale last month, since I wanted to compare all the McC menthols.
  • @Spyro, I've never had the Highland Ice, so I defer to people with experience.

    @ xander, O&G is mild menthol? Holy bat crap! I'd hate to get anything you consider strong menthol! lol
  • XanderXander Member
    @ Bigmick: not mild. Moderate. I consider Hedges & Sturco both strong. Mild I would say Gawith Hoggarth M4X.
    O&G is in between, so its moderate.
    Of course there are some that have just ridiculous amounts of menthol in them.
  • Mild Menthols: GH Spartan, M4X, Samuel Gawith CCC, Richt Kind etc.
    Medium Menthols: GH CM, Toque Fruit menthols, O&G, Poschl Gawith Apricot, Prime Minister etc.
    Strong Menthols: JIP!, Sturco, Hedges, Wilsons SM range etc.

    That's how I would classify my menthol snuffs anyway.
  • SG Mentholene is nice mild one.
  • bobbob Member
    S.M. Blue. Honey menthol. Raspberry. Are all great snuffs. The raspberry saved my life once. Not really but I had a terrible flu which gave me a symptom I like to call pudding lung (yeah it's like having pudding in your lungs but it doesn't taste good.). When I did a pinch it help me decongest wonderfully. And it's got a great tasty scent.
  • Honey Menthol is quite over-powering for me.
    i prefer Country Mint. i know, I know - not menthol.
  • SpyroSpyro Member
    I haven't met a WoS menthol I didn't like, tho the Licorice Ice was a bit out of my realm. I honestly can't tell if O&G and Highland Ice are the same. Xander may be correct in his assessemnent tho my nose is unable to distinguish a difference. I love both of them so who cares? I also love the Mc"C's English menthol, tho I admit this is a bit off topic. Toque Menthol is very brutal in its nasal assault and makes a fine mixer or a distinct product imo. Also, I'd have to put Medicated No. 99 in the high menthol category based upon the experiences I've had with it to date. But that's just my opinion. Others may differ.
  • To ressurect this old thread - Vanilla Ice is probably my overall favourite, it's quite a strong menthol blast but not too overwhelming, with a lovely vanilla scent, which lingers for quite a while.

    Honey Menthol and Cherry Menthol are also delightful, though as @Spyro says above, "I haven't met a WoS menthol I didn't like". In fact I like all the different Wilsons snuffs I've had in different ways, but Vanilla Ice is the one I've bought the more of.

  • BustaBusta Member
    I have six tins of honey menthol. So yea I like it a lot. I just tried vanilla ice and that is very tasty indeed. Have not popped open the tin of SM blue yet but have a feeling I will like it. The extra menthol is powerful stuff but for me is lacking some flavor in the back ground.
  • sm blue gives me a smokey sweet smell but i cant identify why
  • I love WoS Ripple as one of their menthols lovely flavour that lasts a good time
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