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ermtonyermtony Member
edited November 2008 in General
As I always do on a Friday morning, this morning I took my 82 year old dad shopping. Back at his place, over a cup of tea, he unexpectedly wondered about trying some of my snuff. Now he stopped smoking his pipe over 20 years ago so I would have thought he might be past any lingering urge for tobacco, but it seems not.

So, he tried the F&T J R Justice I had with me, and liked it. Yes, he sneezed, but now he wants more. My 81 year old mum seems less impressed - she can remember my grandma trying to get my granddad's snuffy handkerchiefs clean! On the plus size she now reckons she knows what to get my dad for Christmas - khaki hankies! me, I'll buy him some snuff :D

So, next Friday morning I'd better take a selection with me.


  • That is just so sweet! My mom, 73, just moved in with me. I'm thinking there is some kind of trouble I can get her in. We'll see. Your dad is a lifer like the rest of us. We are users for life (not as bad as it sounds).I dream of the day if I was 82 to save myself a pinch of Spanish Jewel. Cheers to your dad from us in snuffhouse.
  • That's great Tony and Juxtaposer. I really admire people who take care of their parents. After all they did everything for us. Now that is an interesting story about snuff! You'll have to post your dad's pic in the faces thread now!

  • Now that's an idea! I'll have to take my camera along next Friday.

    Thanks Juxtaposer!
  • Do any of the pipesmokers here inhale? I know it's looked down upon and not very common or "socially acceptable". I'm pretty familiar with pipe smoking in general, just curious if any of you guys here do inhale at times (or always). :?
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    No, I don't inhale. It's not looked down upon or socially unacceptable, it's just not what pipe smoking is about. You do get some of your own second-hand smoke though.
  • It doesn't feel right to inhale pipe tobacco. Though I recomend playing with the smoke as much as possible rolling it around in the mouth like it's a wine.
  • nightcapnightcap Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    I haven't been able to inhale smoke since I've started snuff.
    Jan '08.
    When we were out last night, after a few pints, I thought I'd steal one of my wife's smokes.
    Man, I couldn't even inhale it.
    It was like bening back in grade 8 again.
    Pipe's and cigars are puffed for flavour and nic.
    Not to mention that you'd probably rip your lungs out after taking a good haul from your pipe and inhaling it.
  • Not really an intentional inhale. Very similar to snuffing where you are imbued with fragrance including the lungs to a small extent. I enjoy smoking pot in this manner as well. No hits just a gentle welcome all encompassing absorption culminating in a self preservation reaction that gives a feeling of satisfaction. I have never smoked cigarettes so my threshold is very low although I have noticed it wax and wane. I would imagine a certain amount of conditioning would lead to a higher threshold and that smokers by intentionally inhaling have this conditioning. This in my opinion is NOT a good thing and is NOT recommended. In conclusion, like sitting next to a campfire, the lung exposure is an enjoyable side effect but is not the prime sourceof enjoyment. Especially regarding pipe and cigar smoking.
  • Thanks for the responses, I tend to inhale pipes and even cigars and was curious if any other cigarette smokers carried that habit over to the pipe. Definitely makes for some congestion in the a.m. How would you all compare the nicotine you get from a non-inhaled pipe to snuffing then? Which one gives the most nicotine satisfaction if you will? I know inhaling a pipe can make you dizzy to say the least. :?
  • On the occasion that I smoke a pipe, I always inhale. Same with cigars. I can't smoke it without inhaling it. Both have quite a nicotine hit when inhaled. I can't compare it to not inhaling either of them, as I have always just inhaled. Everywhere I read about this kind of stuff, they always say not to inhale cigars or pipes, so they must be much harsher on the lungs, or something to that extent.
  • I too inhale pipe and cigar. It just seems natural. I think it must be a carryover from cigarettes. When I smoked cigarettes all the time it did not bother me now I have one churchill and the next morning my lungs feel like they have be over a cheese grater. But, that won't keep me from smoking the next one.
  • Comparing the nicotine between pipe and snuff. Not including inhaling. I would say you could get more from snuffing the same amount of tobacco but it would take more time to do so. This would be guessing on my part. I'm also guessing what exatly your asking to compare.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
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