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Pomegranate is back!

RoderickRoderick Member
edited November 2008 in General
Ok we admit it; we underestimated the demand for Pomegranate. We'd like to say sorry to all those who were unable to order when we sold out on Wednesday and Thursday, but it's back now and we have enough for the whole winter season.

It's in the specials section in 10g and 25g tins.


  • Good to hear.
  • Just got mine today - one of the best snuffs I've tried.
  • I'm slain!
  • Roderick is slowly bankrupting the world snuffing community. Thanks a lot for making another must-have snuff!
  • It rounds out my toque fruit cocktail well.
  • snuffdogsnuffdog Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    .....and a bourbon one coming, and I understand maybe a Porter or Pilsner too? Almost cruel in a way really. ;)
  • LOL we'll all have to get second jobs!
  • I was thinking to quit my job for more time to snuff but yeah I guess I need the money.
  • @: snuffbox
    unless Roderick employs the barter system. lol!
  • I would try it, the next order. OT: Roderick, I really wonder to know what "Toque" stand for? Is a fantasy name or it have a meaning? Is a question that torture my mind everytime I look at the the tins... :-)END OT.
  • I won't tell you what it is but my boss has one on his head.
  • Toque is a term that means to use tobacco. In more modern use it refers to the act of smoking tobacco or pot. I think it refers to replacing smoking with snuff.
  • No thats toke.
  • I thought you could spell it both ways.
  • nope just toke. The term toke is very old. When tobacco first entered popularity in europe it was very hip and trendy. So some people who didn't like smoking and didn't really smoke when not in public would smoke their pipes or cigars diffrently then people who where used to it (more short and fast). It was called a token puff as it was done for the image and not for the pleasure. So hence toke.
  • You learn something new every day.
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