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How long does S.M. 500 last in tins?

SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
edited November 2008 in General
I'm going to order some more of my favorite S.M. 500. I can't decide whether to order small or large tins. The large tins are a bit cheaper per ounce but I'm wondering if the snuff would stay fresher in smaller tins. Does anybody have any experience with how long this or the other menthols stay fresh?


  • Yes I definatly do. I always order the wilsons in the larger tins (toque too actualy). I've noticed that not only do the large tins seem to hold just as well my experience has been that the large tins seem to actualy have a greater tendency to be extremely fresh then the smaller tins (when I get them in my mailbox). Example the S.M. Blue I ordered in a 25 gram tin actualy had to be aired out as I really hate ammonia scents. Also I've noticed no matter what the size of a tin the last few crumbs always seem to dry and age faster regaurdless of the size of the tin. Plus menthol as a scent never really seems to die out. I've had some menthols that I've experimented with drying out and found the menthol scent seems to be the least likely to disapear.
  • Thanks Bob, unless anyone else chimes in with a compelling story, large tins it is! I'll be ordering direct from Wilsons, I suspect whatever I get will be fresh (I'm told they replenish their stock very often to keep up with orders).
  • In fact I'am going to take a pinch of sm blue from a large tin.
  • I'm going to order S.M. 500, S.M. Blue, Super Menthol, and the #22 toast. Any other must-haves?
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • In addition to the green tape they come with? Or after opening?

    Doesn't that leave a nice sticky gum all over the tins?
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Well disaster has struck. I got a pile of different menthols in the large tins and the S.M. 500 is unrecognizable from my small tin. It's much softer and I don't taste the eucalyptus either. I thought I must be wrong so I tried it back to back with some I have left in a small tin and the new one I have (bought 3 and checked 2 so far) is so different it's like a different snuff.

    I find the IHT #22 remarkably similar to F&T's HDT. HDT may have a slight edge, I think I like the grind better but I may be imagining it. Maybe they're really the same snuff.
  • I don't get any old man leather from the IHT # 22. That is the difference for me. About the comparing apples to apples. I would think that if you took the same snuff and spit it into two parts then took a side by side test they would be different. I hope for your sake Mr. Snuffbox this theory of relativity is correct and that your new large tins just need a little conditioning.
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