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UK and American Life Insurance Companies recognise the health benefits of snuff.

RoderickRoderick Member
edited November 2008 in General
One of the best endorsements of harm reduction and the health benefit of switching to snuff, now comes from the Life Insurance Industry. Life Insurance companies now conclude that smokeless tobacco users live much longer than smokers and are offering them similar premiums to those of non-smokers.

Life insurers only deal in facts and profits. If the fact is that they are not risking profits then it must also be a fact that snuff users live as long as their non-smoking customers.

These are the best life insurance companies for snuff users.
• ING-Reliastar
• John Hancock
• Lincoln
• Principal
• Prudential
• Transamerica


  • That is an awesome piece of information there, Roderick. I'm glad to hear that non-biased corporations (unlike all the anti-tobacco fascists out there) are recognizing the safety of snuff.
    Thanks for the heads up!
  • I would be reluctant to sign up with AIG as their future is up in the air.
  • To be candid I don't care if they go bankrupt. The fact that they are saying snuff is safe, is worth its weight in gold! Now maybe the Governments, who refuse to listen to good science, will listen to the money men. If the Life Insurance companies now recognise that a snuff taker lives as long as a non-smoker, we couldn’t get a better and more honest endorsement.
  • Hi Bigblue,

    Phone them ask for a life quote. It's the Life Insurance companies themselves who are saying this.
    Google it!
    Here are the first three from the first page on google.
  • Congratulations all!
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