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For Snuffbox ET All

SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
edited August 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
On a thread Snuffbox asked if I could post some pictures of our meetings at the St. John's Hull Well here is one or two I took.


  • NICE Tony! Wish I could join you!

  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    This one of the pub's outside is not mine. It is one I stole off the Internet.
  • Lol, Tom you could have waited till I finished
  • LOL!
  • I should add that most of those were taken on the occasion of my daughter Bridget's birthday earlier this year and Snuff Head took the pictures which is why he isn't in any of them!
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Snuff Head,

    Great, thanks for the lovely pics! Happy Birthday to your daughter, Tony!

    Looks like you went early and had the place all to yourselves!
  • It was back in May but I'll do that. We weren't alone in there by any means but we did rather take over that one corner of the music room that night. A good time!
  • NOOOOOOOOOOO its a Mansfield house!!!!!! I didn't think they went up as far as Hull, I've never tasted such camel piss as Mansfield ale. I've had the pleasure(!) of working in 3 Mansfield,(now Wolverhampton & Dudley), houses and the only other bitter we sold was Smiths but at least that is palatable. Sorry to go off topic but its a local rivalry thing with Chesterfield (where I am from), those scabs from Mansfield shut our pits have the worst football team and fans in history, and make camel piss ale. Thank God Chesterfield beat them 3-1 in the FA Cup or we would have never lived it down lol. Anyway I'll shut up raving now and leave you all in peace.

  • It was a Hull Brewery House, Then the brewery was taken over by Northern Foods (Northern Dairy's) Then Mansfield took over the brewing side. Notice the guest beer's up on the blackboard. Last Sunday the bub run out of the guest beers and only had Mansfield Smooth. So nearly everyone walked out singing Slim Dusty's song "The Pub With No Beer", as they walked to the nearest 'Wetherspoons'
  • Hey, the second pic shows four people but names only three. Who's the other girl?
  • Sorry, I can't remember her name. A friend of our Bridget's I think. If she's in the pub tonight I'll ask her.

    The lad with the ginger hair is my son, Douglas and the dark haired lad is Craig, a friend of Bridget'. He's currently doing teacher training in Aberystwyth. His girlfriend was also there but she seems to have managed to avoid being photographed!

    Hmmm... just noticed that the Cumberland has gone up by 5p a pint since then!
  • This one didn't come out to well did it.
  • RoamRoam Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    God bless Croatia for cheap beer.
    Our traditional beers are round 1 pound sterling.
    looks like this turned out a beer thread,lol.
  • That looks to be about an hour after closing time!
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    @ Snuffbox,Lol! lol that's about right. Notice my camera couldn't focus. @ Walrus1985, I have a long time friend who lives near Chesterfield, in Brimington. We met in the early days of the WWW due to me imputing data of the reception conditions of Radio Jordan's English language service, into this part of the world. Has he shard the same interest he asked the producer if he would give me his address if I wanted to contact him.

    Well above is a lot of useless information, think I'll take a pinch of G. H. Tia Maria!
  • I've been to Brimington today to take my friends dog back who we had been looking after. I'm in Clay Cross, don't know if you know it or not, if you did you would soon wish you didn't lol.

  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Walrus1985 Yes I know of Clay Cross, not stopped but driven through a few times. I think it is famous for being the birth place of Dennis Skinner The Beast Of Bolsover. And I think it was George Stephenson who discovered coal there while digging a railway tunnel. Thats all I know. But I don't think it's as bad as you paint it, their's lovely scenery all around.
  • Yep you're right about the coal and Skinner. In fact Skinners house is only 350 yards up the road from me and his brother lives on the next street. The scenery is lovely but the place itself is like The Bronx lol. Its also handily placed for the Peak District being only 20 minutes from Matlock and Bakewell, 40 minutes from Castleton and an hour from Buxton so I guess its not all bad. Lovely walking country and lots of nice watering holes to fill up on the way lol.

  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Just for you Walrus1985 - ermtony and myself have taken over the pub and it's a Free House now. We've taken out the Mansfield beer, pulled down the Mansfield sign and renamed the pub lol!
  • Great pics, thanks for sharing. Snuff Head, the last one is great.
  • Bernard's inside... very good. :)
  • PMSL Snuffhead, thank you.

  • The girl looks pissed out of her head!!
  • "The girl looks pissed out of her head!!" Naw... they just turned on the bright lights and she's... squinting. ;)
  • aah right, that explains it!
  • No she was anticipating the flash going off.
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