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  • I can't wait for the new snuff (Blender's Bundle) you blended to celebrate the birth of your third child

    (for the record, I received a package with a snuffbox who was faulty, it got replaced without questioning and I was send some of the new snuff also) If that's not great service!

    Thanks Tim.
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  • NoseBagNoseBag Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Hi All,

    Many thanks to all who've posted on this thread - I've just shown Julia and she's 'touched' by all your kind thoughts and congratulations on the birth of Jacob.

    Baby Jacob is growing - he's put on 4oz on his birth rate and the midwife seems happy with it all. Julia is slowly recovering and taking time to 'enjoy' the new baby.

    The only problem we now have is that our eldest (Toby) has chicken pox and no doubt will pass it on to the middle son (Zach) so we've got a house full of sick kids! There doesn't seem to be a problem with it for Jacob, as he's breast feeding and still has 'Mum's' anti-bodies, but we've been told that there's still a slight chance he might get infected, and if so to get him to the hospital ASAP. Finger's crossed it doesn't come to this hopefully...

    Julia's put a formal request in to me for 'maternity' leave... Bugger! So it looks like I'm going to be 'single handed' for a while. We're actually at the 'tipping' point at Snuff Store on viability of getting in staff to do posting and packing, so this may well be brought forward. I'd seriously under estimated the amount of work that Julia did on Snuff Store with the posting and packing, and now I appreciate why she wanted to get someone 'in' to help!

    Anyway, I'm still a little slow on emails as I'm having to 'manage' my time during the working day. I read all and reply in what I consider to be urgency priority. Of course, if you need anything sorting mega urgent, our phone number is on the site's FAQ page; so give me a buzz.

    Speak soon

    Snuff Store
  • Hi Tim,Fingers crossed that Jacob doesn't get the chicken pox at his early age. And Julia does need that break, my regards to you both.

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