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Got the house to myself tonight!

nightcapnightcap Member
edited November 2008 in General
And here are the steps to enjoyment!


  • MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... Toque Grapefruit!!!!!!!!
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  • Looks like enjoyment has been reached.
  • Kudos Nightcap!
  • Talking about TOQUE Grapefruit, when I first met this snuff, the citrus aroma was a bit to much for me and I mixed most of the 25g in with other stuff like Taxi etc. I did fall in love with St Clements though, so when I re-ordered I got a 10g tin of Grapefruit and 25g tin of St Clements. Last night I open the fresh Grapefruit and boy, oh boy, how I love this stuff now !!!!!!!!! Could not keep my fingers out of the tin. It might be because it's so fresh but I rather think it's a case of changed values. Growing up??
  • Some toque and a lagar what more can you ask for.
  • Classic!

    Nothing like a night on your own!
    Things went well!

    Just a quick pic of myself before the Xmas party last night.
    Sneaking a quick pinch before the cab.

    P.S renovations are going well.
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  • Excellent! Beer and snuff makes for the perfect, solitary, gentleman's evening. Whats the tartan? I'm going to a Burns night celebration in the new year and will be wearing a kilt but have no idea what my clan's tartan would be (McCarren, any ideas anyone?) I hear tell of a pin stripe tartan so might go for that!

    The rosewood flip top sets the outfit off pretty neatly as well.
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  • Clan tartan HUNTER Of HUNTERSTON.

    I actually got my out fit from scotweb.
    Great store!!
    I love my rosewood box, I'm sure that night it was full of St. Clements.
  • Thanks for the link. Certainly Irish at the turn of the last century, but I believe Scotish in distant origin, but the Irish tartan sounds cool.
  • @ bigblue


    Go out in style right?
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