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Wood boxes and snuff or snuff mixes

JarhogJarhog Member
edited November 2008 in General
I thought I would start a new thread to chronicle what deferent woods do to a snuff or mix.
When posting please state the snuff or mix and the type of wood.
I would like good and bad experiences with using wood boxes.
I hope this will be a reference to all about the way wood enhances snuff.


  • huh? conical? Do you mean chronicle? Do you mean different? - I don't mean to correct you, I'm not about that. I'm only trying to help. If you're looking to chronicle what different woods do to snuff, why don't you whisper to, or PM or ask Patrick Collins (onefortheroad). He makes all those cool wooden snuffboxes and he's in a good position to know how the different wood types may interact with snuff. Or... just ask Troutstroker. :) I don't know what he knows, but he seems to know an awful lot. :) Good luck with it.
  • I personally don't want my flavored snuffs capturing a wood scent. But I know oak & mahogany boxes work really well with scotches. Especially Levi Garrett. I only keep my Levi in a mahogany box now as I like the results.
  • I haven't tried it but I do have a eucalyptus box that I thought would be way cool for menthol or anise seed snuff!
  • I use wooden boxes a lot and have rosewood flip tops and a onefortheroad oak box. The flip tops don't keep snuff fresh for longer than a day, after that it becomes dry and gritty, The patrick collins box will keep snuff in good condition for at least two days if left, but I don't usually get to that point as I tend to use one or two 'patricks' a day (maybe a new measurement for snuff?)

    My preference is for silver though, as they seem to keep snuff fresh much longer. However, my silver boxes are pretty special to me so I don't take them out of the house as, knowing me, I would just leave them on a table in a bar or something.

    I've never noticed any wood affecting the flavour of the snuff and as with all boxes the seal is the most important thing - some wood boxes can be very leaky. The seals on the patrick boxes are near perfect.

    The very best type of hinge for a box is meant to be the 'laurencekurk' type which you never see these days. This was a set of rollers on the lid and box, carved from the wood itself and with a brass pin going through it. All flip tops available today have an all metal hinge.
  • I broke down and bought the Wilson's of Sharrow Rosewood and Teak boxes. I got them more as collector items at the time. I have an oleo mix I keep in the Rosewood but I haven't used the Teakwood yet, wanted to save it for future value in case these ever become collection pieces. I actually asked about the wood flavoring recently as I was ignorant about the matter. With the mix I'm using I can't really tell yet if there is any difference (probably about six or seven blends of stuff in there with a heavy Garret Scotch base). I keep my whole stash of tins and containers in a plain and unpainted pinewood box that I bought cheap at a hobby/craft store. Figured it looked more classy than a tupperware container. I'll post something if I ever manage to notice a difference. A lot of department stores sell little cedar wood pellets for stuffing into clothing drawers to ward off moths. Wonder if you could toss one or two of those into a container for aromatic affect.

    Hey, here's a side question. Anyone notice any difference between plastic, glass, or metal snuff bullets or vials?
  • Spyro - yes on the deference with metal v. wood v. plastic. The reason I started this thread is I noticed a deference in using a wood box as compared to a toque tin I was keeping it in. The wood was just rounder and fuller taste. I think I had used about 20 or 30 grams of that toque fruit cocktail mix by then so I knew it well and it was deferent. I did not notice any deference going from an old packerds club container to the metal toque tin. The thing with plastic bullets is the seem to pickup other scents. I had a chocolate and an espresso bullet I stored overnight in a bag with some F&T. They both had a floral wang to them the next day. I won't do that one again.
  • Plastic bullet = plastic aroma after time.
    this is my experience.
  • How about water soaked cedar balls used for humidifying . F&T's Santo Domingo has some cedar oil in it. It's quite nice.
  • jimmycjimmyc Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Nightcap I was wondering about that. I just purchased my first bullet and its plastic, it works just fine but I was wondering if I would be getting a plastic aroma. Anyone else have any comments / experience with this? I thought I saw some glass bullets on some web site, anyone use those?
  • I have a couple Toque bullets that I use daily. I don't notice any plastic aroma. I have found aroma transfer from different snuffs. I use one bullet for menthol and menthol fruit blends only, for example. Once i put O & G in my menthol bullet and I could taste something (camphor I think) in my Toque menthol / menthol blends. One bullet I rotate (Toque) vanilla, choc, peanut butter, coffee and expresso because to me there's no bad combo of those flavors. I notice this less in my aluminum bullets, but I still rotate scotches in one, Toque original and natural in the other.
    I hope this makes sense!
  • jimmycjimmyc Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Miamimark are the Toque bullets the ones you buy prefilled. If so can you refill them? Do you like the metal bullets better than the plastic? Side note: It's snowing like crazy outside. Thanks
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    edited November 2008 PM
    Yes on the Toque bullets, they are refillable. The metal bullets I bought on ebay are VERY high quality and seem indistructable. The metal bullets have opened in my pocket before, the toque have not. I also like being able to see through the clear ones, to see the "chamber is loaded" you can't do that on the aluminum of course. I like both types! Luckily, I don't have to choose. I carry two of each everyday and that suits me fine.

    Currently here's it's a cool 75 degrees.
  • Great picture, nice orginization. I'm going to have to order some of those Toque bullets. I havent tried Toque yet so it will be a great way to try some of the Toque snuff and get a couple more bullets. 75 degrees sounds great, I'll be out shoveling snow soon.
  • You definetly have to try toque. My first order was one of each flavor and I have no complaints.
  • I use a plastic bullet with faux chrome coating on it giving it that metal look. I've yet to experience any plastic taste or cross contamination from blends. Fed various mixes through it so far, everything from American Scotch to Toque flavors and even WoS menthol blends.
  • That must have been some large order. Did you order directly from Toque. I'm in the US and have been trying to decide where to order from. I see Mars Cigars is now selling Toque.
  • Great point bigblue1!
  • I ordered directly from toque, took about 5 days I think. The only negative was my credit card company charges a small fee for exchanging pounds to dollars, but that amount was insignifcant compared to shipping costs. Also, if marscigars is in your same state, you have to pay sales tax. I've already re-ordered twice, buying some bulk bags of my favorites.
  • miami,
    My bank also charges a conversion fee for currency conversion but the fee is nada compared with Toques free shipping. I received my Toque order faster than my American snuff orders. Got here in less than a week if I recall right. Who can argue with that?
  • I was seriously considering getting the hat with my next purchase. Tried some W&H last night but after a a heavy menthol binge it had a whacky taste to it like a box of bandaids. Gonna go back to it after my nose has had proper rest. I'm finding some snuffs are best when not mixed on one occasion with others.
  • Ibought a 50g bag of wh & h last order. I find I need to skip a day with that flavor, otherwise i don't appreciate it as much.
  • I was using a bullet of "SHE" last night.
    I've had it since August and maybe have used it 3 times, every time it smells like crappy childhood cherry medicine with plastic aromas all over the place.. Granted this is the only plastic bullet experience I've had. I still prefer the metal Grassleaf bullet.
  • I'm getting 3 onefortheroad boxes. Has anybody found one wood is better than another with regard to keeping menthols in? I know to dedicate a box only to menthols because you will probably never get the scent out.
  • Walnut or cherry are probably the densest of the woods he has available now.
  • I don't know what he has available now, but I would've guessed Oak and Padauk are his hardest woods.
  • Starting with the hardest of those mentioned I'd say oak, cherry, walnut, padauk. In the long run I think it's all the same after the box is "broken in". I've been able to get out some pretty strong scents by just putting a new snuff in the box for a day or 2. the new snuff will take on the old scent if very strong but after that you're good to go. It does make sense to dedicate a few boxes to different types (menthol, scotches, floral/fruit) then you don't have to worry as much about rotating types and getting an unwanted mint scotch. but is mint scotch for a day a bad thing?
  • I use a Patrick "zebra striped" wooden box and it does not effect the taste of my snuff. As far as sealing is concerned, I'v spread a THIN layer of Super Glue Gel on both inside ends of the lid and left it to dry COMPLETELY. The seal is 100%, the lid cannot accidentily slide open in my pocket (that was what I was worried about) and once the glue has worn away, I can re do it. But, please, I'm talking about a THIN layer of glue and let it dry for at least 12 hours. If you replace the lid to soon, you will end up with a useless box.
  • I found a scale of hardness of various furniture woods here:
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I love walnut wood because of it's beautiful grain (is that right, grain?) You know what I mean?
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