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Toque T shirts and caps - FREE shipping this weekend

RoderickRoderick Member
edited November 2008 in General
We got quite a shock when we shipped out the first batch of T shirts and caps last week. The cost of posting was nearly £2.50 each. So from Monday we will have to charge for postage (Pure economics). As a gesture to snuffhouse members we’re giving you the chance to grab a bargain before the charges go on.


  • Pay for shipping at Toque! Say it isn't so Roderick

    Is there a sizing chart for the t-shirts?
  • Yes, I was selling the t shirts and caps at cost and I underestimated the postage costs.
    The shirts are XXXL 56”, XXL 52”, XL 48”, L 44”, M 40” & S 36”
  • I said I was not going to order for a while but got a shirt on the way.
  • ya, I got more tins too.
  • Me too. Marketing genius I tell you. Once again Roderick finds a way to "inadvertently" dangle the carrot! lol
  • I do have a stockpile for just such an eventuality. I do intend to rotate the stock.
  • Ordered my hat and shirt, this will be my first ever co-ordinated snuff outfit.
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