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cold weather snuffing

davec32davec32 Member
edited November 2008 in General
Hi all ,
Now its the season of winter the cold air and wind frosty grounds , snow ! I just wonder if everyone has a favorate Snuff for the winter period ? . It seems to me like a magical time to snuff as everything smells so much cleaner and fresher ! . I personaly love Gawith Apricot and Ozona President and toque cherry is also nice and as the cold weather seems to make the flavors more intense . ! So whats your winter snuff or am i on my own with this one ? Take care look forward to your thoughts on this !


  • As I received my Toque Christmas Pudding a few days ago, then I'm going to list that, it's awesome. Then my next one would be Bespoke Christmas Joy followed with Gin & Tonic.
  • I'd say Pompadour by DeKralingse, all the lovely clove and spice scent is great for winter.

  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    I was thinking about this today. I live in a desert climate so I like menthols and moist snuffs like Princes. During the winter here it's wet and rainy and cold so I will probably take a lot of toasts.
  • Something about the colder weather makes me crave the sweeter snuffs.
    Vanilla, toffee, chocolate..........
  • royal george. Is great it is warming in the winter.
  • I find out that Toque original is great in the cold, Today here it was 8°C (it's a very low temperature for this time, in Italy), and the original seems to have a enached taste.
  • Red Bull Gletscher Priese and Dholakia Swiss Chocolate
  • JarhogJarhog Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    I think I will retire the fruit cocktail until spring. It is not as appropriate since it got colder. It is suppose to get down to 38°F tonight. I think Christmas blends, chocolate mixes, and schmazler will keep me warm this winter. I forgot C of C that always seemed to just scream cold winter night in from of a roaring fire.
  • Good strong toasts and SPs for me and maybe on Christmas day I might just finish my dinner with a large cognac and some christmas pudding snuff.
  • I wish it would only get down to 38. I don't even think it got up to 38 here today. I tend to stay way from menthols when it's cold. It seems they make me even colder. Royal George, and McChrystal's Clove with a snifter of brandy do a good job of warming me up.
  • yeah, good choice leman
  • @ snuffster - what is your choice of cognac? My local liquor store has a terrible selection of brandy and cognac.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Well you know, cognac is brandy but a brandy can never be cognac, a lot of small stores only sell cheap brandy and sometimes the good stuff takes a bit of hunting down. For absolute preference I drink Hine antique; pricy but superb. I would then go for Remy Martin and in third place Corvoussier. Martell is pretty good at the cheaper end of the range.

    It is possible to get good 'brandy', ie not made in Cognac in France, though. The Greek Mataxa, especially the higher starred ones, is very good and some of the Spanish Brandy can be quite good as a mixer drink (in fact the best stands on its own), but for smooth, mellow drinking, French Cognac is worth the price.

    Armagnac is also superb but you won't find it widely on sale outside of good stores.

    I am by no means an expert but, as the saying goes, I knows what I like. And if all else fails, Jack does a pretty good job.
  • hey snuffster,you talk like an expert!!!any past experience or what?
  • No Namrata, just like good Cognac!
  • I am rethinking that retiring the fruit cocktail. I was sitting waiting for the train on this crisp cool morning. The fruit cocktail made the time pass and the ride relaxing. I don't know if there is a bad snuff for cold weather.
  • Somehow the smell of leaves on the ground and wood stoves and cold air mixes well with WE Garrett 'round these parts.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • bobbob Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    brandy is great cold weather drinking. Sometimes on really snowy cold days I'll buy a smaller pocket bottle and take a nice stroll keeping the bottle in my pants pocket to warm it up. With brandy warmth is as important as quality in fact I'll swish hot water in the snifter before pouring my first drink. Though if you're going to drink brandy the snifter is a must.
    If you must go cheap E and J makes a vsop that while not great is good and is better then the price would indicate.
  • For brandy I go with Asbach Uralt. The price isn't too terrible bad $28.00 for 750ml, and it tastes great. I go through a bottle about every two weeks, and I've spent more than $15 a week on worse things.
  • Not heard of that, sound Austrian or something.
  • Asbach is German. Used to drink it a lot when we lived there. Good stuff!
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