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edited November 2008 in General
When I joined the Forum 5 months ago, I only had access to 6 different snuffs of which I only liked one. Liked is actually not totally true because McCrystals O&O was all I could really tolerate. The other 5 was either to strong - no 99 - or to cheap - Taxi etc. Then I discovered SnuffStore and Toque and started ordering. I also started blending my own mixed grills. Now it has become to much for me, I've so many containers with snuff, I don't know what to use and what to leave. Last night I counted all the different types/flavours/mixes and found that I have 54 to chose from. I also have "duplicates" for many of the above, stored in 3 airtight containers in my deep freeze. I've now decided that I will use up all the mixes and the flavours I like least. I'm not going to mix anymore snuffs and will use it as it comes from it's maker. And I will only keep in stock my very firm favourites: BERNARD'S, DHOLAKIA, TOQUE & WILSON'S. Well, I'm going to try !!!


  • I suffer from a similar problem Pieter. I now have over 30 different snuffs and its hard to use it all up. Snuff collections just seem to grow so fast! LOL
  • RoamRoam Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    That sure is a lot of snuff you got there!
    What is Taxi like?
    *hint* *hint*

  • Me three. I want to try them all. I have so many that I like, but so many others that I like better, I don't know if i'll ever finish the ones I'm not crazy about. I keep myself at peace because I still spend MUCH less money now than when I smoked. I also enjoy the hobby aspect of it all, especially the anticipation of ordering, recieving and trying new flavors. I've got over 40 varieties but probably snuff about 10 regularly. For me, every order is the "last" order until i run out of something. Then I read something interesting on this forum and I just have to place "one more" order! I definetly have an addictive personality and there are MANY worse things I could be addicted to...
  • Yes, I've had so many "last" orders, my wife just smiles when I mention it!! And, Roderick made some Christmas Pudding of which I just MUST try some. Cannot order one tin only, so another "last" order is coming up.
  • I REALLY like the christmas pudding and the pomagranate, and I stopped ordering 10g of anything Toque. 25g or bigger for me.
  • I'm the opposite, not much of a collector, which is why after over 25 years of taking snuff I still only have a small collection. I have a small number that are my everyday snuffs and stick with them pretty much. These are Toque original, vanilla and raspberry and HDT. I would be more than happy left on a desert island with just one of those.
  • Snuffster at the beginning did you go through alot and settle on these favorites or did you always favor a small number?

    I find that I bought a lot but end up using only a few. I guess over time I'll probably weed my collection and wind up with a few favorites. The HDT you mention is the F&T version or something else?
  • Im a very fussy eater and that crosses over to my snuff taking - so generally i tend to stick with what i like.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Snuffbox - I did try quite a few in the beginning and was very interested in trying new snuffs, but now I've settled on my little bunch of favourites I don't really bother with much else, and yes, Fribourg's is the main HDT I use, although I also like Sam Gawith.
  • JarhogJarhog Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    When I snuffed in high school I never had more than 1 or 2. I never had much money so no mater how bad a tobacco product I would use it up before I bought more. Age does have it's privileges. I now have about 60 or so snuffs, 3 dips, about 20 pipe tobaccos and 2 types of cigars. I tend to collect things no mater what I get into. I PLEDGE THAT I WILL NOT GET ANOTHER TOBACCO PRODUCT UNTIL I EMPTY 2 TINS NO MATER WHAT NEW KIND RODRICK COOKS UP. That is not much of a pledge since that should only take a week or so.;)
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Thanks Snuffster. I figured it was the same process we all go through with pipes, cigars, cars, girls, etc. After awhile you find out what you really want.

    Now if we could only get that to work with jobs!
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