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What's Thanksgiving?

RoderickRoderick Member
edited November 2008 in General
Got you! ;


  • right,I just came from work! lol
  • Same here Roam!! Gotta love "Black Friday"!!! lol
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  • Do ya'll call it black friday in the rest of the word?
    Or do you have an equivalent expression?
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  • Well we do if Christmas day falls on a Thursday, and the way the weather is right now Boxing Day would be a White Friday.
  • I think I should have explained what that term "black friday " means in the US. It is not just the day after a holiday it is the first socially recognized christmas shopping day. It gets it's name from the fact that it is the first day most retailers start making a profit for the year. In other words go from the red to the black.
  • It's a god damn nightmare of comercialist excess. If you don't think americans are absoultly mad then next year lets go tour a mall together. One reason not to work in retail.
  • Oh how I hate Christmas. The festival I can cope with, and would love it if it was like Easter - which in the UK is a subdued bank holiday, but Christmas sucks, not had one in 20 years where Ive not had flu, not had one in years where my wife hasn't spent all my hard earned on crap for relatives I never see, bah, humbug................
  • And with black friday, people get hurt & even die every year trying to get a bargain. That incident this year at walmart was just sad. An employee getting trampled to death as they opened the doors to let people in. The crowd pulled the doors off the hinges trying to get in. And the 2 men that shot each other over an item. All that just to save a few dollars.
  • A fallen world.
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  • I am surprised that other country have not invented a holiday on that thursday just to sell more useless crap to give to people who we don't care about. That may sound heartless but I don't play that game of you have to give everybody you have even the most casual contact with a christmas gift. I only give things to people that I truly care about. Even then I like to give experiences rather than things. Things like a day at a spa or tickets to a museum exhibit. The world would be a much better place if people were not so focused of the junk that the commercial world foists upon us.
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  • I just give everyone Chia Pets for Christmas. They usually leave me alone the rest of the year since I started it.
  • Trout that Walmart event was very sad! I did hear though that the Toys R' Us incident, the two guys had previous problems. So the bump in at the store just brought out their past hostilities. Sad none the less.
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