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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Snuff Rituals & Habits

JarhogJarhog Member
edited November 2008 in General
I have noticed that on some threads people talk about various rituals or habits they do when partaking this powder of joy. Hay, I like that one it sounds like something better than just snuff. Ritual just seems to be part of the snuffing experience.What are some of your habits and rituals?
Here are some of mine.
I myself like to fold my hankies in half then in quarters then take each of the 2 quarters and do a 4 part accordion fold. Fold it one more time lengthwise and voila you have 10 nice folds to blow in. Another ritual I do is the way that I set up my snuff. I use a fliptop box, spoon or pipe tool to place a a suitable amount in my thumb dimple then use it to flatten the snuff out. It just seems to work better to break up the the clumps and make things more uniform. The last one I will go into is when I get a new toque tin I take the top 1/8in. off in a small part of the middle of the tin
Then use the contents underneath. I have found that there is more ammonia in that top layer. so until I are it out a bit I dig it out from the hole in the middle. while I am at it I will break the old habit of the chin avatar for this new one.


  • I toy with my snuff box, running my thumb over the engraving or turning it repeatedly round in my right hand, this is usually whilst I contemplate taking a pinch.

    Handkerchiefs I fold and re-fold and polish my snuff box with it (I usually use a silver one) I use the handkerchief just to dab and dust with so its always clean, if I need a blow I use a tissue.

    Before I take a pinch, I do the equivalent of packing a can of dip, a wrist action and then three taps on the lid.

    It occurs to me that I sound like I have OCD at best, insanity at worse.
  • They're coming to take me away, ha ha, they're coming to take us away!
  • I think OCD behaver is like chaos it is not necessarily a bad thing.
  • The only thing I do of note is to place tins on a piece of paper before I open them. That way any over spill can be scooped up and sniffed or dumped back into the tin. I also use a joker playing card to cut and sort my snuff sometimes, no real reason other than it was laying on the desk one day and I've been using it as nicotine paraphernalia ever since. I also use an old pocket knife for scooping, sorting and mixing. Again, no good reason other than it was sitting there one day and has been the tool of choice ever since.
  • I don't think I have any rituals as much as I have habits or certain ways of doing things; "rituals" just seems like such a strong word as it makes me think of the action being overly ornamental and unnecessary.

  • i will shake (side to side to level) and tap tins before opening, and play with them in my hands much like Abraxas mentioned.
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited December 2013 PM
    I'm normally working from a snuffbox which isn't full, so tapping and shaking beforehand isn't always necessary. Primary snuffbox is usually in the front right hand trouser or jacket pocket. Open and tap to gather the snuff, pinch, then close the box. Hold for a second, breathe on it slowly if it's a little on the fine side or benefits from warming, then snuff. When the snuffbox (Mr Snuff or Snuffhouse) gets too low to pinch effectively, I slide open the side and pour onto back of left hand. I then take the pinch from the back of the hand with the right hand and proceed as normal

    A pinch will normally be transferred back and forth between the nostrils to distribute evenly - not just half one side then half the other - normally 2 or three sniffs per side per pinch. Re-open the box and repeat if it feels like another pinch is needed. Clean up with hanky (back left hand pocket), but empty/blow with tissue or loo roll.
  • i will shake (side to side to level) and tap tins before opening, and play with them in my hands much like Abraxas mentioned.
    Playing with snuffboxes is the best part of having them :D
  • Pretty much the same as Abraxas, minus the silver box.
  • I usually take three pinches per nostril and always start on the right hand side.
  • Lightly sniff with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. Suppose that is more of a reaction than a ritual.
  • I normally fill my boxcar to the point of overflowing and start with the left side,and finish with the right. My right side seems to flow faster and I can get the lasts tiniest crumbs at the side of my nail. If out doors I will only fill have way twice ,once for each side.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • i'm sure if putting as much snuff in my nose every 20 mins or so counts as a habit but thats mine
  • I have noticed I have developed a habit of just holding a large pinch in my fingers if I am just sitting down relaxing or chatting with someone while periodically sniffing a bit from it untill it is gone, then repeat.
  • Getting in the car pinching D.white then driving home from work.done this now for quite a while now.
  • When I pinch from a tin I always blow on my fingers that hold the pinch to rid excess fine dust that might smear the ring of my nostril. It also makes the sniff a bit easier as there will be a bit less of that super fine dust on the surface of the pinch. I work a bit back and forth left and right til the pinch is done.
  • I love taking a pinch every time i think of it or any time my nose tells me it's necessary. before driving, after arriving. before a job, on the job, after a job is complete. before bed, after awaking. before meals, after meals. lol etc etc compulsion a habit???
  • Firstly, I must always have my daily snuff in a box, never taken directly from the tin. I always refill my snuff box in the morning, any left overs from the day before are thrown away. After trying all sorts of boxes I have found the smaller the better, if the fingers fit for the pinch then the box is big enough. I sniff and then simply dust the fingers together to get arid of any excess. For some reason the tin is always held in the left hand and I tap the box a number of times before opening. I am also considering purchasing a large wig and a consort of king Charles Spaniels to go around with during the day. I have been told however that this privilege only happens to snuffers in the super league. You also need a stately home and ten thousand gold pieces to qualify for consideration into the club...
  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited February 2014 PM
    O&G to wake me up, every single day without fail.

    Snuff when I'm reading a (e)book. Snuff is the best tobacco product for focussing the mind (unless you have a big N tolerance and then that benefit is lost which is why I keep my tolerance low).

  • Snuff is the best tobacco product for focussing the mind (unless you have a big N tolerance and then that benefit is lost which is why I keep my tolerance low).

    @SnuffySnuff There was a great talk given at last year's Chicago pipe show (by an addiction counselor, of all people), titled something to the effect of, "NIcotine: Evil killer or modern wonder drug?". The key takeaways from it were that nicotine, by itself, is addictive but not carcinogenic, and really helps with a lot of medical issues, like ADD, ADHD, and so on. Unfortunately, because of the power of the anti-tobacco lobby, which insists that nothing good can come from nicotine, and because nicotine can't be patented (and thus profited from, as Big Pharma would prefer us to use drugs it can make money on), its benefits are not well known.

    Have no fear, though, as Big Pharma is working on producing compounds derived from nicotine (but different enough from it that Big Pharma can patent them, and thus charge large amounts of money for) to solve all your problems. Apparently one of the biggest issues, IIRC, is that a lot of these nicotine-derived drugs have heavy nausea as a side effect.
  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited February 2014 PM

    yeah I'm aware of the benefits of nicotine. if you Google 'nicotine is good for you' you'll find lots of good snuff.

    Tobacco, particularly Rustica, helps me a great deal during the winter when I get Winter Depression (aka SAD).

    The thing to note with pharma NRTs and ecigs is that they only contain nicotine, but to get the full benefits of tobacco you also need the alkaloids which are processed out by pharma. You can get WTA ecig liquid (whole tobacco alkaloids) but they get very poor reviews. Without the alkaloids, there is no 'buzz'.
  • Right now I don't have much of a ritual. For the longest time I would just open up a snuff tin and drop a pinch in my anatomical snuff box just to satisfy a craving. A few months ago I finally invested in a snuff spoon which has added a little bit more class to my snuff routine. (I also bought a Posh snuff bullet, but have found it thoroughly useless and tedious to use).

    But I'm looking into making my snuff usage into something with a bit more class and ritual, I'm thinking of finally investing in a few snuffboxes, some more spoons, maybe even a handkerchief. The sort of things I could pull out while sitting at a bar and look like I'm sniffing classy snuff from a fancy box, and not snorting cocaine.
  • I think that the snuff boxes and handkerchiefs are a good idea, but using a spoon at a bar might raise a few eyebrows amongst those not familiar with snuff...
  • My Ritual/Habit is more for stored properly the tins in the perfect conditions, unlike with the use
  • edited February 2014 PM
    Well, I guess mine is more superstitious -- when I arrive home from work, I MUST fire up my St. Michael votive candle BEFORE I take my first "arrival home" snuff--- my Grandmother was a Catholic (a Catholic from Scotland of all places :) ) and when I was born, she opted to give my Mum a St. Michael medal instead of the usual St. Christopher that children are given--- SO, St. Mike has always been good to me and I make sure to give him his due DAILY--- so, he comes before even snuff, children or EVEN MRS. Desaix her own self!!! when I get home :)

    EDIT: Dammit, I guess I should add that any pre-warms I do are done with St Mike as well ;) That was the whole point of my post and I didn't even include it!
  • I guess my ritual is filling my bullets in the morning while drinking my coffee and smoking my morning pipe. I don't prefer bullets, but where I work I must be very discrete, and they get the job done.
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  • my ritual is either take a pinch and divide it between both nostrils and and whipe even when i dont have to or i take a single pinch of tobacco and wipe my nose even when i dont feel like there is any snuff on my nose use my handkerchief to dust off my my shirt and fingers the eithr wait till i need to take another pinch or untill ive forgotten i havent had one in a while and repeat gonna start using paper towel to blow my nose in or in the sink when i feel too stuffed up
  • BizzleBizzle Member
    edited August 2018 PM
    I always carry three snuffs, two in plastic Mr Snuff boxes and one Bernard's tap box. The yellow box always rotates between whatever I feel like filling it with on the day but the red box always has Wilson's Royal George in it and is always kept in my right pocket because George is my right hand man!

    As for actually taking the snuff, Bernard's is box car, one shared between each nostril always right side first. Everything else is one pinch per side, right side first. I used to share the pinch between each side but I have a developing case of SAS (Snuff Acquisition Syndrome) and I need to put a big dent in my current collection before I order anymore. I already have my next few orders planned, including 10g tins of every Toque I'm yet to try (about 20 tins including the Toque USA)

    Edit: Thought of something else I always do. If I'm sitting down, I always take my snuff boxes out of my pockets and at work they get left on my desk from when I arrive to when I go home. This really helps keep the snuff fresher throughout the day, I think because it's away from my bodyheat and also because it stops the snuff getting shaken about when I'm walking around (I only ever put a day's worth in a box at a time so there's plenty of space in the for it to move about). It's a noticeable difference
  • @Bizzle HAHA Snuff Acquisition Syndrome :D

    When I wake up in the morning I blow blow blow my nose. 5-10 tissues with a few blows on each, until there's no snuff. Then usually a menthol snuff, get in the shower and repeat the blow. Getting out I then load up the nose usually with a non-menthol and leave it there.

    When I take a moist snuff like Bernard first I gently back of hand. Then gently plug the bottom of that nostril with that side's thumb and breath in the opposite nostril. Then plug the other side and forcefully breath in the nostril with the snuff to get it up there. The first step makes sure it's attached to the nose and doesn't fly in my throat when I pull the snuff back :)

    Oh a newer ritual, thank goodness I started it has made those WoS/F&T tins infinitely less frustrating, is to hold the tin level and drop it flat a couple times on a hard surface. It settles the snuff down so it doesn't spill on my pants or car etc when opening. Pinching and Driving!
  • BizzleBizzle Member
    edited August 2018 PM
    @ar47 It's a real medical condition man, I might see if I can get disability for it :))

    I do that with the Wilson's tins too, even though I only open it to fill my snuff box. It's the only way to make them bearable.

    Off topic, my phone autocorrected 'bearable' to 'bearberries'. What in the world are bearberries?! GOOGLE! GET OVER HERE

    Edit: Google says they're a bear's favourite fruit. This is amazing! :))

    Snuffhouse: come for the snuff, stay for the fruit based revelations
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