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Hello from Brazil

apap Member
edited November 2008 in General
Hello snuffhouse members , i am from Brazil and a snuff lover (Rapé here) thank you for my registration


  • Hello ap and welcome to snuffhouse!
  • Welcome to the forum ap. Where in Brazil are you from?

    Brian from California
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I am from Juiz de Fora , Minas Gerais a 500 thousand citizens , near 180 km from Rio de Janeiro ( I think that you might know this one )

    Thanks for the comments and yes, we can make some trades Dellboy ,

    Sorry for the bad english people!!
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  • Boa vinda a este fórum, eu desejo que eu poderia falar o português
  • Yeah, what he said...boa vinda!
  • Welcome to the forum. It seems we've got snuffers all over the world.
  • awesome. Ever I'am ever in Brazil I'll have to try some of the snuffs there.
  • Thank you people for the welcomes! i am glad to be a member here !!

    Hey Snuff Head nice portuguese!
    You can wait Dellboy i ll be in touch very soon !

    Thanks snuffers !
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    ap muitos agradecimentos, But it's not as good as your English.
  • Snuff head its very difficult to see a foreigner speaking portuguese mam ( i have never seen )
    Come visit Brazil its a nice and beautiful country!!
  • edited December 2008 PM
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Why so many Portuguese words to say so little in English?
  • Hi ap, welcome to the best SNUFF forum in the world. Just stick around and you will see what I mean!!
    Kind regards
  • Welcome ap.

    Stefan, England
  • Thanks bigblue 1, I'm learning so much from this forum. Who can tell me what to do now, I've spilled some snuff into my keyboard!!!!!!
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Oi pernambucoetc , eu sou brasileiro de Minas Gerais conheceu quando esteve por aqui ? olha só , você pode comprar o rapé aqui somente nas tabacarias (parecem ser os únicos lugares onde podemos encontrar), Você morou aonde em Pernambuco? já estive por lá (lindos lugares aliás).
    Gostou do tempo que passou aqui ?
  • Thank you people for the comments !
  • sorry everybody when i wrote mam i mean man ( thanks stitcher)
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