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Toque Testing Facility...Literally!

SnuffySnuffy Member
edited December 2008 in General
Well, as some of you may know, I was the winner of the Toque Video Arts competition of 2008. I have just received my sample packet in the mail so I can choose the snuffs I wish to receive over the next year. So, my woman, brother, and I have decided to sample and rate all of the snuffs. We are writing this as we are testing them, so this would be a first impression type of thing. They will be rated on a scale of one through five (5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest). (Also, let it be known that all of the snuffs still have the strong scent of this may affect the initial opinion of the snuffs.)

"Good, if you are looking for a simple, classic snuff." Lena- 3/5
"It's good, but there is nothing 'amazing' about it." Connor- 3/5
"Well, it was the first snuff I tried and I still really like it." Snuffy- 4/5

"Kind of bland. Has a woody tobacco taste." Lena- 2/5
"Very strong. Doesn't taste like much of's just...there." Connor- 2/5
"Kind of tastes like if you left your original Toque out for too long.." Snuffy- 1/5

"I really enjoy this and will probably be using it regularly." Lena- 5/5
"The first snuff that I tried. Has a very distinct taste and even though I have never tried actual raspberries, I really do like it." Connor- 4/5
"Tastes just like raspberry poptarts, which are one of the only flavours that I eat. Definitely a great fruit snuff, and I could imagine using this on a regular basis." Snuffy- 5/5

"I really dislike grapefruit. This isn't too bad, but it's nothing to write home about." Lena- 1/5
"It's alright. Very strong at first." Connor- 2/5
"I got some in my eye! Not a bad snuff. I've never tried grapefruit, but I imagine I would like them if this snuff is a good representation of their taste." Snuffy- 3/5

"Whoo. I love it! Another one of Toque's great fruit snuffs!" Lena- 4/5
"It is good, but it's nothing amazing." Connor- 3/5
"I was kind of expecting it to taste like blueberry poptarts, but does not. A good snuff though." Snuffy- 3/5

"I really hate cherry flavoured things, but I really enjoy this snuff." Lena- 3/5
"Not very stong tasting, but it is a very good flavour." Connor- 4/5
"Tastes kind of musty to me. I don't like cherry flavoured things, and this isn't much of an exception." Snuffy- 1/5

St. Clements-
" refreshing! By far my favourite of Toque snuffs yet." Lena- 5/5
"Definitely a very good snuff. You can really taste the orange." Connor- 4/5
"You can smell it over the ammonia! Very strong scent of orange peels, which I love. Not really tasting the lemon though. Must be getting lost in all of the citrus scent of the orange. Great snuff." Snuffy- 5/5

"All I can smell is Connor's farts!Very good menthol. Really cleared me out." Lena- 4/5
" **Fart** AHAHAHA. Uhm...smells like cough drops, which I like. Not as strong as they are saying, but still pretty strong." Connor- 4/5
"Smells and tastes very similar to Red Bull. Very strong and cleared me right out." Snuffy- 4/5

"Tastes just like a breath mint or a candy cane. Good winter snuff." Lena- 4/5
"Oh, it really DOES taste just like a candy cane. Very good." Connor- 4/5
"A little strong in the taste department. Definitely not an all day snuff, but I can see using it here and there." Snuffy- 3/5

Raspberry Menthol-
"OOOOH, I like that. I didn't have high expectations for fruit/methol combinations, but this is great." Lena- 4/5
"Uhm, definitely good, but I don't really see anything amazing about it. I can taste the menthol more than the raspberry." Connor- 3/5
"I like the regular raspberry much better. This is good, but pales in comparison." Snuffy- 3/5

Blueberry Menthol-
"Again, really surpassed my expectations." Lena- 4/5
"I like it...I like it alot." Connor- 4/5
"Pretty much the same as the raspberry menthol..." Snuffy- 3/5

Cherry Menthol-
"I really dredded this snuff because of Dholakia's 'She'. I don't understand how cherry menthol is supposed to be feminine. This one isn't as bad, though...but it just doesn't appeal to me." Lena- 1/5
"Tastes very similiar to the regular cherry, but with a hint of mint. Not that bad" Connor- 2/5
"This is far too much snuff at one time...Ugh, and this is mad nasty!" Snuffy- 1/5

"The flavour is subtle, yet enjoyable. I think it's the ammonia that's getting me. Overall, great snuff." Lena- 4/5
"Oooh, wow. Very strong. *Sneezes thrice* Very tasty." Connor- 3/5
"Very good flavour. Not too overpowering. Quite enjoyable." Snuffy- 4/5

"Mmmmm, I like it alot. Toque did a really good job on chocolate." Lena- 4/5
"Certainly my favourite flavour altoghether. Smells and tastes just like the "How Chocolate is Made" ride at Hershey Park, which I love." Connor- 5/5
"I don't even eat chocolate, so I really can't get into this." Snuffy- 1/5

"Very sweet. Definitely tastes like toffee. Certainly a 'treat' snuff, not a day to day snuff." Lena- 3/5
"Very strong. Oooh, I really don't like the flavour that much.." Connor- 1/5
"I don't eat toffee either, so this really isn't for me." Snuffy- 1/5

"I'm a coffee drinker, but this isn't something I particularly enjoy." Lena- 1/5
"I can't make the connection, but the taste reminds me of dust. I don't really like it all that much." Connor- 2/5
"Tastes just like coffee beans. Not overpowering, which is great. An all around good snuff." Snuffy- 3/5

Peanut Butter-
"I like peanut butter and this snuff. Would be good a couple of times a week." Lena- 4/5
"I honestly don't think it tastes like peanut butter. Not a bad thing, still a very flavourful snuff." Connor- 4/5
"I love this snuff. Delivers exactly what it promises...peanut butter, which happens to be one of my favorite foods." Snuffy- 5/5

"Yuck. Smells like black licorice. I have no desire to try it again." Lena- 1/5
"Really tastes way too much like black licorice. I really don't like it at all." Connor- 1/5
"I loved the concept of having a snuff that tastes like absinthe, but it just tastes like black licorice. I don't know if this is what absinthe really tastes like, but I really don't enjoy it." Snuffy- 1/5

Toast and Marmalade-
"I enjoyed it. It reminds me of scotch snuffs, only with more flavour." Lena- 2/5
"Tastes like old people. I don't like it." Connor- 1/5
"To me, it tastes like american snuff, if they added a hint of citrus. Definitely couldn't use it everyday, but when I'm in the mood for some american snuff I would definitely reach for this first." Snuffy- 2/5

Whiskey and Honey-
"I've never had whiskey. Kinda reminds me of scotches, again. Not bad, but I wouldn't use it often." Lena- 1/5
"At first it made me cough, and it's really not that good. Not the worst though." Connor 2/5
"I don't drink whiskey and I really don't like the taste of honey. This combination doesn't work for me." Snuffy- 1/5

Well there you have it. That was so much snuff for such a small amount of time. All in all, the one's we liked we REALLY liked and the other one's just kinda...fell to the wayside. Toque is a great product and all of these snuffs are of the utmost quality, but some of the flavour choices don't appeal to our personal tastes. Again, these are all first impressions, and who knows what we will think of them the second time. Plus, all the ammonia and trying them one after another after another could have had some adverse effects on the outcomes.
Hope this was a fun read, and please feel free to post your personal preferences of the Toque line of snuff.
Thanks for reading.



  • SnuffySnuffy Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    Ps- And here is a picture of me rocking Toque gear, with a pinch of Toque Vanilla ready to go.

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  • Excellent post there snuffy. How long did it take to type all that, 3 days? :)
  • Nah, just as long as it took to try all the snuffs. Less than an hour, I would say.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • In time to come, al three of you will cahange your minds about ALL this flavours. Just leave the ones that don't appeal to you now for a while and then try it again. You will be amazed how you become addicted to something you don't like now and vise versa. I was crazy about Espresso but hardly use it now. I did not like Absinthe at first, now I take a couple of pinches every day. Vanilla is the only one I'm still not keen on but after adding some Peppermint, I stuff myself with it!! Indeed magic powder !!!
  • I agree with lxskllr, I have 360 degree tastes from the 3 of you, but it's great that they've got scents for us all. You guys ought to eat more fresh fruit and fewer pop tarts!
  • "What's wrong with fruit, you think you know it already?!"
    Someone tell me where that quote is from. C'mon...
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  • Nah, don't post the answer if you cheated. I want to see if someone catches it.
    Best show ever, btw.
  • I sleep all night and I work all day!

    You are the fucking mann, bigblue! Tell me you didn't look that up.
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  • .............and you must cut down the entire forest with a herring!
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