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edited December 2008 in General
Ladies and Gentlemen, who of you would like Roderick to make us a rather strong SP and a plain HDT ?

My vote: yes, yes, YES!!!!


  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    edited December 2008 PM
    Could you please clarify SP and HDT? Sorry I'm not really sure. If that means to make something "rooster-ish" then my vote is yes, yes....
  • Roosterish would be a Scotch, rather than a strong SP or a high dry toast. Must say all three would be good!
  • Sorry to be so dense... What would be an example of a high dry toast and what does SP stand for? I've always seen the terms used but I never really knew.
  • ermtonyermtony Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    And examples of a high dry toast would be Fribourg & Treyer High Dry Toast, Wilson Irish High Toast No 22, Sam Gawith's Irish 'D' Light or Irish D Original, Toque's Whisky & Honey or Toast & Marmalade, Gawith Hoggarth's Irish D.

    Quick edit:

    High dry toasts have a grind and moisture content similar to an American Scotch but have a toasted flavour rather than a smoky flavour. Some also have other flavourings, as the the Toque toasts do.
  • Sounds good, I vote Yes & Yes.
  • Thanks for all the help, I googled HDT and kept coming up with F & T, which I've never tried. Toque W & H and T & M are two of my favorites. From the link above I gather that no one knows what SP stands for. I would vote yes and yes and i wouls also like to see toque make an american style scotch. I find I can't leave the house without rooster or square loaded into a bullet.
  • Yes, yes and yes. I would like to see Toque make a velvet sledgehammer, whether it be a toast, SP or something else.
  • jimmycjimmyc Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    @Miamimark: I believe AP stands for spanish, thats what the Wilsons web site says. Check out this site and read the history.
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  • Actually it probably would sell well - it's impossible to get American Scotch snuffs in Europe. All the ones I have are either the result of swaps or I bought them from Tom at Nicotinerush when the pound sterling still looked relatively healthy against the US dollar.

    I do like American style Scotch snuffs and it would be great if someone on this side of the pond started making them. I'm sure Roderick could do an excellent job on that!
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  • SP = Super Powder, Snuff Per-excellence, Snuffers Paradise, Special Product, Soul Pacifier.

    What else ??
  • Yes , sound good
  • Well if you want to make a Scotch comparable to whats produced in the US, here is something I've posted before on a Swisher discussion. This is a Annual Report to Stockholders & it discusses how Swisher produces their snuff as well as sales figures.

    Swisher Dry snuff is made from Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia
    dark fired tobacco that has been aged for at least three years and then
    fermented for approximately thirty days. After fermentation is completed,
    the tobacco is dried and cut into a fine tobacco flour that is flavored
    prior to packaging. Retail sales of dry snuff in 1996 were an estimated $76
    million (4.7 million pounds). The Company sells dry snuff under numerous
    brands including Tops, Navy, Railroad Mills, Superior, Buttercup, Square,
    Society and Honey Bee. Although the unit market for dry snuff has declined
    at a compound annual rate of approximately 6.1% over the past 10 years, the
    Company has maintained a relatively constant market share and has generated
    substantial cash flow from the sale of its dry snuff products.The dry snuff category,
    with its substantial profit margins and low marketing costs, helps generate strong
    cash flow for Swisher.
  • Wish they would pass on to the retailers that 'substantial profit margin' that is mentioned! Again, and I've mentioned this here before, it is a huge pain in the ass to get their snuff products. I simply 'don't get it'. Very frustrating.

  • No worries HR! I think at times we all need to remember just how international this forum is. It's easy enough to forget.
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  • I vote for a toast from Dholakia. Roderick is already putting out too many new snuffs. I can't keep up! They are all so good.
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  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Its actually suggested that its 'sheffield pride' due to Wilsons of Sharrow and J and H wilson both being based in Sheffield. 'Sp' appears in several old stock books from the early 1700's - but without any explanation. The usual, and probably most likely meaning of SP, is simply 'Spanish'. In effect just a book keepers short hand that stuck. The first wholesale use of snuff in Britain came after Admiral Sir George Rooke captured some French and Spanish ships that were carrying, along with other cargoe, Spanish snuff. This was used in part payment of the Englsih sailors involved who sold it on when back in port in the South of England, this would pre-date it being manufactured in Sheffield so probably strengthens the argument for Sp meaning 'Spanish'.
  • BTW, I would love to see a Toque HDT with just a hint of menthol or a floral note.
  • Ok Guys, You'll be pleased to hear I am working on a couple of interesting snuffs for after the New Year. However, I have just launched a new one specifically for the New Year "Toque Champagne". See the new topic Toque Champagne. It’s on an introductory low price, for the 10g tin, in the ‘Special offers’ section of our website.
  • Roderick, you ARE a STAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to a nice, STRONG SP from Toque and maybe, who knows, a plain HDT?
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