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Quick Question please making my first big order!!!

Johndeere89Johndeere89 Member
edited December 2008 in General
The McChrystals original on toms site nicotinerush... is that the same as McCrystals O&G


  • Also... dean swift Camelopard? whats Camelopard?
  • I would assume Original is the same as O&G. I would have to guess that Camelopard is a cross breed of a Camel and an Leopard. But I could be mistaken ;)
  • lol thats what i thought camel and lepeord... but how do those taste :) one more thing does tom carry any 25g tins of wilsons gotsta have me a 25 of wilsons.
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  • thanks guys, anything else i should most def. avoid or try so far all ive tried are wislons best sp, crumbs of comfort, gold label, and w.e. Garret thanks for any imput.
  • I would recommend just about anything from Wilson's, McChrystal's, or Poschl. If you're just starting out I'd stay away from F&T, Gawith Hoggarth, and maybe even Samuel Gawith. Let your nose get used to snuffing, then give those brands a try. When I was new to snuff I had some blends from F&T, and Gawith Hoggarth, that I ended up throwing away. I have since re-bought them, and am loving each one. Everyone's taste in snuff is different, but that's just what worked for me.
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  • thanks im already considering honey be and mc o&g
  • well made my order but accidentally entered the wrong card information emailed and called and left a message so hopefully that gets straightened out. anyway this was my order:Honey Bee, McCrystals O&G, Ozona President, Rooster, a teak wilsons of sharrow snuffbox, Crumbs of comfort (25g), wilsons gold label vintage, wilsons s.m. 500, then Toque blueberry, pomegranite, and christmas pudding. Used mars cigars this time due to excelent prices and an even better variety to choose from. When i have more money to spend ill play around with some other retailers.
  • wow they contacted me right back this late at night... now thats customer service, gave me a couple options too im gonna redo the order and their gonna cancel the first one for me ... excelent customer sevice how nice.
  • Yes, the McChrystals Original is their O&G


  • thanks tom and sorry i didnt use your site im gonna though eventually its just mars had a slightly better variety and price for this particular order. (had to have 25g of crumbs of comfort) thanks for the info though. oh and you should try to carry some toque im sure your trying though from what i read your gonna be number one before too long.
  • McChrystal's O&G is my choice snuff. No matter how many I try, it stays at the top of the list. Toque vanilla and raspberry are damn good as well, if you are looking for suggestions.
  • Camelopard is actually a giraffe. Early Romans described giraffes by using the combination of the shape of a camel with the coloration of the leopard.

    As far as the snuff, Camelopard's flavor is a mix of Eucalyptus and Musk. Its not too bad of a snuff.
  • thanks guys, i ordered some O&G cus so many people talk about it ive heard alot of good and bad we'll see and troutstoker thanks for the info and that don't sound to bad really whats the texture and moisture of the dean swift brand.
  • All the ones I've tried have been a fine to med-fine grind most being dry & a few with light moisture.
  • This is just an assumption but the thing with Dean Swift snuffs I think is that most shops have very old stock since they don't move very well.

    I also think many of the local head shops keep a few tins of Dean Swift around just to justify much of the drug paraphanilia they sell, lol....

    I was actually thinking of buying a couple from NicotineRush this last order since I know he is a new shop and has a fresh stock of the Dean Swifts just to see if my assumption was true.
  • well i avoided them this time around but maybe ill have some more insight after my next order. Thanks again everyone for the tips though.
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  • I love GH's Kendal Brown, especially that "wicked burn" !! Just shows you how different we all are. Going to take some right now. In SA we call a giraffe a "kameelperd" = camel horse. So, maybe that snuff is made out of Kameelperd dung.
  • John,
    I think you'll like all of the purchases you made. As a new snuffer (like myself) don't be discouraged by what you may hear about Poschl blends. They are snubbed by some but make excellent newbie snuffs. They are very easy to snort and seem to just suck right into the nose and stick in the right place. I tried Dean Swift Apricot and Bezoar and didn't find anything negative to them. It's just with so many snuffs to choose from I'm finding some really great ones and have yet to re-order those. Its going to come down to your personal tastes at the moment. Having cut your teeth on the WE Garret you are in an excellent position to judge the Euro blends, especially the more moist and coarse grinds. I started out the same way. There are so many snuffs I have yet to try but already I have learned many things about them at a staggering pace, including various ways to blow my nose without depositing brown goo all over my shirt.

    Please let us know your impressions and feel free to ask anything on your mind. I have found this forum to be filled with some of the most friendly and helpful people anywhere on the web. Shoot me a whisper if you need anything.

  • @Johndeere89 - I'll bet you weren't expecting this much help picking out your order :) Happy snuffing, and I hope you find the kinds of snuff that work best for you. Everybody's nose is different, and your individual taste can even change over time. So don't get discouraged if you don't like every blend you try. Come back to them later and see if you like them more.
  • Johndeere89Johndeere89 Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    thanks guys very helpful ive already experienced the save it for later theory cus i didnt like either the best sp or the garret at first to rough but the crumbs of comfort was awesome (still is but i love spearmint) but now i would say that the garret is my fave and sp is pretty good too. can't wait to try some new ones hopefully the christmass pudding is good cus by the time i got to my second order the 10g tins were gone so i had to settle for a 25g one.
    Edit: i also did excpect all the help i was lurking for awhile before i started on here and you guys (and a few ladies) a quite a solid crowd only been on here for a little while and it almost feels like family already.
  • So it came in today and i tried em all. the flavors may have mingled a little but i do like them all. some favorites are Honey Bee, Toque blueberry/christmas pudding, and i guess rooster but its gonna take a little more practice to take it without dying lol. i also got mc o&g,president,and s.m. 500 and WHOA!!!! i suppose i do like them but their all very similar to what i would imagine it would feel like putting vicks vapor rub up my nose lol kind of tasty but gonna take some getting used to. Also came with a sample of toque absinthe which is prettty good... but i think i prefer to drink yeagermeister than to sniff it. thanks for all the suggestions the order turned out pretty good.
  • Well I'm glad you liked it. Happy snuffing.
  • Grats John. Knew you'd like the order. I used to hate licorice/aniseed till I tried Lowen-Prise. Something about mixing it with strong menthol just drew me in like a fresh blast of A/C on a hot summer day.
  • If you are finding the menthols too much like Vicks - which an awful lot are - the Dholakia range has a much lighter touch, although the grind and dryness can be a bit challenging for the less experienced nose. They converted me to a menthol user after years of not being able to stand it.
  • Lets give the guy a chance to sample whats out there. Some gravitate towards menthol and there are those who shy away from it. I personally prefer both but only after sampling many varieties. I still use heavy menthols in my rotation but I've also learned to appreciate the finer blends, it takes time.
  • The beauty of snuff is you can mix and match - if something is to strong in flavour tone it down with some wilsons IHT or toque natural.
  • From what i understand now that i've come close to mastering we garret and rooster grind isnt much of and issue i do still lean towards a coarser grind right now for takeability but i think that will change as i really do like both the garret and rooster and honeybee as well also i agree i think the licorice type flavors could be good mixed or diluted with something else and as for the menthols i do kind of like them but i guess for some reason i just wasnt expecting vicks vapor rub lol should have put two and two together just didnt. anyway i think rooster and toque blueberry are my favorites so far. the blueberry literally smells like holding a big handfull of fresh picked blueberrys up to you nose and taking a big inhale. and the rooster well just plain old fashioned backwoods american goodness is how i would describe that.
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