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Kodiak Dippers - Snuff Holy Grail

Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
edited December 2008 in General
As I've posted many times before I have been dipping a can of Kodiak Wintergreen Tobacco a day, every day since 1989. The huge expense and worry that eventually this much prolonged over use would lead to bad things is what led me to the world of snuff back in the Spring of 2006.

Since that time I have accumulated well over 150 various snuffs, most of which I enjoy from time to time some more than others but to my dismay I coould not believe their was no snuff available flavored with wintergreen. I could get all the Spearmint and Peppermint flavored snuff I could handle but no wintergreen.

So of course now I had 2 habits, my tin a day of Kodiak and my recreational snuff use throughout the day.

Then along comes a little post earlier this week titled "It's People, Checkerberry is Made Out Of People!" in this thread the author lxskllr states that this snuff has a wintergreen scent to it and I get really excited and immediately place an order for a tin.

My expectations were quite low though as every American snuff I have ever tried has been very dry, fine and either had a smokey barbeque flavor or a bit of a sugary sweet flavor. I've had Sweet Peach and smelled no peach. I've had strawberry and smelled absolutely no Strawberry rather just a dry dusty traditional American style sweet snuff.

Today just 2 days after having placed the order from NicotineRush I recieved my package containing the Checkerberry. I ripped open the top of the tin and my jaw fell to the floor. This can't possibly be an American style snuff because this stuff in this can is almost reddish brown and extremely moist looking in this tin. This stuff looks like it belongs in an F & T tube it is so moist looking I thought. Then bam a very strong scent of Kodiak style wintergreen hit my nose. An American style snuff moist and strongly scented I thought? This is too good to be true.

I anxiously grabbed a nice tight pinch of this snuff and it actually clumped together like a Bernards schmalzler, moist as hell. Then took a big sniff as if this were a poschl snuff and nothing hit my throat and the flavor was as rich as my first taste of Kodiak ever. This stuff is excactly what I have been searching for for almost 3 years with snuff.

I believe as of this moment I will be able to now kick my Kodiak habit with this Checkerberry goodness.

Please oh Please Tom keep this stuff well stocked for me as you have just earned yourself a dedicated customer who will be in need of this snuff often. As a matter of fact if you get down to your last 2 tins of this stuff please let me know and I will immediately purchase them from you. I need this stuff on hand at all times. I want to see how long it takes me to get through this tin so I know how many I need to buy from you next time. If I saw through this stuff in a week or less which I think is quite possible I will most likely be in the market for a case of 12 a month.

Sorry for the long post, but I truly could not believe it would be an american made snuff that would finally satisfy my Kodiak Wintergreen search and I guess I'm just a bit too excited for my own good at this time.

Edit -

Actually Tom, I saw you were down to just 7 of these in your stock and said I need more of this stuff on hand now so I placed an order for 5 more just now. I just couldn't see not having a nice sized stock of this snuff on hand. Please keep this fantastic snuff in stock. As far as I can tell you are the only site that sells this snuff.



  • Very good new to hear when i read the afore mentioned thread i too was hopefull and if its as good as you make it sound (wintergreen and moist ... perfect) then it will probably be a big part of my collection in the near future as well. maybe you mentioned it and i just missed it but whats the grind like is it as fine as say we garret or is it coarser as well (thereby making it nearly the ultimate snuff)
  • Johndeere, this stuff is so moist that it actually pinches together like a Bernards schmalzler. Now I know you are a bit new to snuff so you probably havn't had the chance to try a schmalzler yet but believe me it is so moist you can take a strong snort and it will not hit the back of your throat. The grind is not very course more-so fluffy if you could picture that. And the scent brings me back to my first ever dip of kodiak. Strong and flavorful, almost as if they took kodiak and grinded it right into a snuff.

    And bigblue, my gums are tore up pretty bad and have receded a ton. To be honest, I can't even really taste the flavor of kodiak anymore, I just put it their out of habit. This Checkerberry actually has the flavor I remember before I overused and abused the dip for so long.

    This stuff is perfect for anybody who ever enjoyed a pinch of Kodiak or Grizzly wintergreen but would rather utilize the safer form of nasal snuff no doubt.
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  • Hey poodiddy, have you tried Wilson's crumbs of comfort?
  • Good luck poo-diddy, I wish you all success in getting off the dip. I manage to be just an occasional dipper but can really see how it takes hold with the amount of vitamin N in there - will this stuff actually be strong enough to compensate?
  • bakdoorbakdoor Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    LOL! Glad I could be of service! More has been ordered and will be in late next week.

    ps. Guess I'll have to try it now!

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