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Can't stop

xsysxsys Member
edited December 2008 in General
One morning I woke up and realized, that I am already addicted to snuff. Snuffing became my daily ritual and as some people can't start a day without a cup of coffee, I cannot imagine my evening without snuff. But I don't like being addicted, So I've been keeping my nose snuff-free for two days and it is not as easy as it used to be (back there, I made those pauses in snuffing quite often). From now on I am going to avoid snuff for two days every week. I don't know if it really helps, but it is sounds as a good compromise.

Anyone has a similar problem/issue?


  • I gave up a 30 year pack a day smoking habit by using snuff and i'm pretty happy with my new addiction. Originally I thought I would start substituting tobacco free snuff and gradually wean myself of snuff completely. Now I enjoy the whole process so much i don't even think about quitting or cutting down. there are many worse things to be addicted to, in my opinion.
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    miamimark, full marks for you!! While I was still smoking cigarettes, I could hardly last for more than an hour without a ciggie. Now, while I'm busy working or while I drive, I totally forget about snuff. I won't say I'm not addicted to snuff but it's not 5% as bad as it was when I smoked. And it does not hurt me at all.
  • I'm happily addicted to the crazy nose powder. I used oral dip for some years but found it a strange endeavor since I didn't crave or think about it when out of my usual element of use. Luckily, I was never addicted to cigarettes, my mother smoked constantly and it put me off completely to the whole process. In contrast to dip or snuff, I don't know a cigarette user who can go more than 30 minutes without jonesing and freaking out. I've concluded there is more to the addiction than mere nicotine withdrawals. There appears to be a ritual based sense of habitual familiarity involved as well. However, the cigarette industry was caught red handed spiking their products so maybe there is more to the picture.

    The current life expectancy in the western world is higher than ever. And don't forget, our sun is due to go off mainline and blast our pale blue planet into oblivion in five billion years or so. So snort up and relax. The stress over using snuff will probably do far more harm in the long run than the actual nicotine itself. Just my opinion. Hope you find peace of mind in your decision and I wish you the best whether you conquer your 'addiction' or not.
  • Totally addicted and loving it! Able to enjoy nicotine without any of the worry/hassle!


  • Addicted, love it, no worries. Im just glad to be off the cigs. However, although I regard myself as a true snuff addict I do seem to be able to leave it alone without anywhere near the cold turkey I would get as a cigarette smoker.
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  • I am also not going to quit. Neither I leave home without a few packs of snuff, but sometimes it's just scary. And I am certainly not worried about the Sun.
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