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Big AlBig Al Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives

I came across this forum looking for information for a friend to help him get off his 50 a day rolly habit, i myself have given up the cigs for nearly 2 years having always been a very severe asthmatic cigs were never a good idea. This was several days ago what i found here has inspired me to try snuffing. Unlike most forums where i get the information i came for and get off asap without posting for fear of a dozen or so obnoxious comments.I have been unable to stop reading this forum, the genuine passion you all have for snuff is great even better the respect you have for each other shows that snuffers are a class apart. My friend has placed an order with Toque and i received my snuff along with a beautiful silver snuff box (christmas present from the wife)today. I am enjoying tobacco in a safe manner and am very very happy sitting here with a tall glass of Tanqueray 2 shots of lime topped with lemonade and a nose full of Tom Buck. Anyways just wanted to say thanks to you all, although i am a lot poorer i'm certainly happier


  • Hello Al. Welcome aboard! Yes, this is a great forum with a lot of really great folks. Glad you found us!


  • Hi Big Al, welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will enjoy the company of other snuffies same as I do.
  • Hey Al, nice to have you on board, and well done for switching to the most civilized form of tobacco. Where are you in the world?
  • Thanks for the comments, i'm in Surrey England, Godalming to be precise, something i have noticed with the snuff normally i have a dry eyes and a blocked nose which i put down to spending long periods in front of the computer the snuff seems to have solved that problem as well. Usually i go through about £10 of eye drops (contact lens wearer) and sudafed capsules a week hopefully won't need those anymore.
  • You might be getting re-bound congestion from all that sudafed. Also, paradoxically, a lot of people find menthol snuffs cause congestion - I don't know what you are using at the moment but a good rule of thumb is that the drier and plainer a snuff is the more head-clearing it is - at least for a resonable percentage of users, of course we are all different.
  • Welcome to the forum Big Al, looks like snuff is going to save you a fortune in over the counter medicine.
  • I've started with a tin of Tom Buck and finding it has a lot of charm, quite shocked at how often i feel the need for another pinch just to get that fragrance back in my nose, have ordered over a dozen different snuffs based upon the hours spent reading through here and really looking forward to trying them out. Not really congestion that was the problem though you see i wear hard contact lens very very bad eyesight -17 both eyes so i have to wear them 24/7 and my eyes have been just drying out, a good pinch of snuff seems to solve that problem beautifully and provides a great deal of pleasure. (especially looking forward to receiving my Toque order from what i've read i'll probably have to set up a monthly direct debit between Roderick and the bank)
  • Welcome to the forum Big Al.

    Brian from California.
  • Iam new here too Big Al , the group members are nice people !
  • Welcome fellow newbie.
  • Welcome Big Al!

    Stefan, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
  • FarleyFlavors super thanks for asking
  • Big Al - wonderful post, thank you! And welcome to the best forum online! This is indeed like a club! I smoked for decades too, and found in snuff both the perfect substitute, and a hobby. As a historian I am thrilled by the history of snuff and snuff boxes, and there is such a completely different feel to snuff taking.
  • Welcome to the forum Big Al, and thanks for the excellent first post! There are so many snuffs to discover and so little time. I toast you with a couple pinches of Latikia AO 1860. Smokey goodness.
    Dan, Phoenix AZ
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