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Is This Tin Stale ?

wishmasterwishmaster Member
edited December 2008 in General
Hi All,
I'm happy, my second overseas order has been delivered. Thanks to SnffStore and Tim...
I have something to ask tough. My Magnet Peach tin has some lighter in colour particles and a few pebbles. The pebbles are hardened snuff as I can crush them again into snuff. I don't know if anyone can tell by the smell, but it smells normal to me, a hint of peach and ammonia. Need your input because I'm eager to try but I'm afraid if I get affected badly.
Thanks and cheers...
PS. In the attached pictures you can see the small light whiteish particles and the pebbles.


  • wishmaster, I live in SA where Magnet Peach is made. I thus accept that our snuff might be a bit fresher than what you get overseas. I've open a fresh tin of Peach now and it looks exactly the same as yours. I also have another tin, of which I've used almost half, and it looks the same.
    Do you have some Taxi Blue? My friend, if you do have, mix in some Peach!!! It's a coarse snuff so it tends to drop out of your nose. I go stand outside on the lawn and then I STUFF myself with snuff!! I just can't get enough, it's heavenly stuff.
    Be careful when you open the stupid, simple container. It was made to spill!!

  • I've check 3 different tins now; McChrystal's O&G, Wilson's of S Burgundy and Tom Buck. Snuff in these tins also contain whitish particles.
    Never noticed it before but, it's there. So, not to worry, enjoy!!!
  • That is common for the Magnet Peach. WHat I do with mine is I run it through a sieve & re-grind anything left in the sieve.
  • Thank you very much, pal. You were just the person that could erase any doubts, and you did.
    Taxi Blue is surely on my next order. Thanks again. Best regards.
    And also thanks to Alex for paving the way for such a great community, so that we can get help in no time. It is priceless..
    Selam to All (Hello and Peace in Turkish)
  • Troutstroker, I just did as you said, sieved it and crushed it with hand grinder. Texture is better now.

    Something else... It says "Causes Cancer" on the tin. Is it different than the European dry snuff in terms of carcinogens or TSNA ?
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