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Newbie needs suggestions

HuskysibeHuskysibe Member
edited December 2008 in General
I already read the newbie FAQ on whats good for new snuffers but I wanna see some real comments from you guys. I am a Snus dipper, never been a smoker and want to try snuff for the first time. What would you guys recommend I acquire to give it a try? I have looked around my town but no one seems to carry snuff so I will more than likely have to place an internet order or do some Snus trades if anyone has any snuff laying around they dont use or like anymore that a new snuffer may like. Thanks!



  • Try Toque Original or Peanutt Butter very nice! and Mc Chystals Original and Genuine if you like menthol flavors!
  • jimmycjimmyc Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    Try Wilsons of Sharrow Apricot. Nice and mild to me. Also Toque Christmas Pudding.
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  • I started with ozona fruit flavors. I have several unopened tins that I'll never get to. If you are in the US, whisper me your address, and i'll mail you one.
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  • HuskysibeHuskysibe Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    Brian, I have an unopened can of Roda Lacket portions I can trade and several cans of other flavors that have 1-3 portions used. Whisper me if you would like to trade. As for flavors, I like everything to be honest. Chocolate, apricot, raspberry, menthol they all sound good to me. Actually I havent read a description that I thought sounded disgusting yet.
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  • Hey Husky
    Go for a wide spread if you order online, rather than getting stuck on one type. I would recommend a menthol, a couple of flavoured, one of the plain types and a toast, all of which the main manufacturers produce. If you've read many posts on this forum you will see a lot of fans of Toque, Poschl, Wilsons of Sharrow and Dholakia. My own suggestions for a newbie would be:

    Toque original - an 'SP' type snuff, pretty plain but with a hint of citrus - a real popular one
    One of the Toque flavoured - a big choice and all superb
    Poschls Gletcherprise - easy going menthol
    Wilsons of Sharrow Irish High Toast No 22 - dry, strong, a great snuff.

    You've also got the superb US snuffs - I love Stokers personally. These have a bit of a kick but are worth getting to know.

    I think spreading your first purchase around a bit, and going for different types, gives you a chance to sample the great variety thats out there.

    Welcome to the forum!
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  • If you like spearmint i would definetely recomend Wilsons Crumbs of Comfort really easy on the nose in my opinion and kind of like double mint gum for your nose.
  • I recommend staying away from american snuff like WE Garrett to start with. It has a tendency to go straight into your lungs if you sniff too hard. I started with Gletscher Prise and found it very beginner friendly.
  • Any Poschl would be good. My first snuff was McChrystals O&G another good one to start with if you like menthol flavours.

  • Thanks for all the great suggestions, I now have a great base to start with.

  • HuskysibeHuskysibe Member
    edited December 2008 PM
    Whoops was supposed to be a whisper
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