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Antioxidant Properties of Tobacco

TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
edited December 2008 in General
Here is an article explaining a test that showed tobacco having antioxidant properties much like fruits & vegetables. There is a chart on the bottom showing how the test samples scored.

Antioxidants in Tobacco


  • Well thats nice to know because I have a large bunch of cope in at the moment.
  • So what your saying is my two pouches of redman and beechnut are actually preventing my cancer... excelent one more excuse to use tobacco. (lol just for the record im joking and fully understand that what i said is most def. not true)
  • Yep Big Blue, a cop copping a copious quantity of copenhagen, contentedly comparing cope to Toque, considering and concluding cope cannot compare to Toque
  • makes sense. All plants need antioxidants otherwise they would wilt while still alive. That would suck.
  • Thankyou my friend
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