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Rockit Cherry Pop

snuffdogsnuffdog Member
edited September 2012 in Types of Snuff
For the closet sniffers of Dholakia's obviously female oriented She snuff among us, there's a new alternative available that goes by the name Rockit Cherry Pop. If sporting a bullet labeled She made you feel funny in public, perhaps this new youth oriented, bright red Rockit bullet will put you more at ease.

A moist, finely ground and lightly sweet, cherry scented snuff with a touch of menthol, just like it's big sister, same tobacco, same flavorings. The only difference, which is imperceptible to me, is that 'She' is an oil based snuff and Rockit a water based one for a slightly quicker nic hit. I received my FUBARs and Rockit several days ago but wanted to get a good feel for them to make fair comments.

A snuffs a snuff though and this one might make a few more friends in it's new guise, or maybe not. The new line of Rockit snuffs is already causing a stir in the more traditional snuffing scene. I say if it helps the young-uns choose snuff over smokes, more power to em! ;)


  • I bought the Rockit snuffs, and I think all 3 flavors are great! I can use these up in no time, they are so good. I love menthol, and the Ice Cool is just how it sounds, and the Cherry Pop too. The Naked, doesn't seem to have the higher menthol, but a part of me likes this one the best, but then... I don't know. My only critique, is I find the Bullets of these to be with a design flaw, in that they don't have any opposing air vent, so you can power inhale all you want, and that snuff just sits there. But turn it over to your hand top, and tap, and it's comes out in a decent amount. And to have these available in a bigger tub might me nice. I suspct I'll empty these rather quick. Oh, and I like the flashy colorful package design. A simple colored plastic pinch round, and cool logo/lettering sticker.

    I'm sold. But either re-design or discontinue the bullets.

  • Dont like the Cherry Pop. The smell isnt good at all. Very syntetic. :(
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