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2009 is coming!

AlexAlex Member
edited August 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
I wish all of you a good ending 2008 and a successful 2009. Keep healthy, don't lose patience and keep doing things you like. 2008 was great for me, personally, and 2009 will probably get very interesting, too.

Thank you all for taking part here and all the best to the ones who had some not so positive moments.


  • Thanks Alex, and the same to you! I hope you will consider creating a chat room for snuff house, at one point.
  • Happy new year everybody! Personally 2008 has been downright crap for me, 2009 has to get better.

  • In Feb 2008 I was laid off from my job as a janitor. Since then I've been attending school full time. I'm 29, and there have been many times when I thought I would never return to college. So 2008 was a year of a renewed hope for the future. I know upcoming classes will be more difficult but I'm ready and excited for what 2009 will bring.
  • dear friends,
    as this year draws 2 an end,want 2thank all the special people( snuffhouse members and Alex )who touched our life with their love and made our life more meaningful.
    thank you all.

    parag & namrata dholakia.
  • To all members, my friends; May the best in 2008 be the worst in 2009, may joy follow you where ever you go and if the Winds of Life do blow at you, may it always be from behind!!!

  • Well, it can only get better for me, 2008 was a lousy year full of pain and addiction to pain meds, thankfully now beaten.

    We also lost a friend to cancer, the fifth friend or relative to die of it since 1990.

    Hopefully 09 will ahev some hope in it.

    Good luck and God bless
  • Happy New Year to all the snuffers! Thanks to Alex for running the site!

    Snuffster, all the best to you for a good year.
  • @Matt - I will also be going back to school in 09. I got my current job after high school planing to work until I figured out what I wanted to do with myself. Four years later I've finally figured it out. Now I can't wait for September to get here, so I can start taking classes.
  • Happy New Year to everyone!
  • Happy new year guys !! thanks for a lot of entertainment !!
  • Happy New Year to all my past, present, and future customers and to all the great folks I've had the pleasure of meeting here.


  • Good luck leman, and Happy New Year to everyone here at snuffhouse
  • Happy new year to all of you guys and gals!
  • 2009 is here thank God!

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