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What will 1.15 oz of Rooster cost after April 1st 2009

Big AlBig Al Member
edited January 2009 in General
If the proposed legislation comes into being roughly how much will we pay for our american snuff. As sad as i am to hear of these taxes i can't skip breakfast and am curious as to whether any new pricing structure has been worked out based on these tax increases.


  • Not yet. Well, at least not here. First it has to pass and be signed. If and when that happens, you can be sure every retailer/distributor/wholesaler will be re-evaluating there prices.
  • Thanks Tom just wondered if you had a ballpark figure and weighing up the pros and cons of stocking up. Hope this isn't going to be disasterous for your business or anything like that, i don't fully understand all the implications of these changes but it doesn't sound good.
  • Stocking up will do no good. The tax is a 'floor' tax and applies to anything in stock.
  • bakdoorbakdoor Member
    edited January 2009 PM
  • That was the point I was trying to make in another post, I doubt anyone who sells RYO set aside $26.82 or whatever for every lb of tobacco they had in stock. That could potentially be an enormous figure. I don't suppose there's a law to protect a business from something so obscure and disproportionate occurring.
  • JackJack Member
    edited January 2009 PM
    End users should stock up...
    Meanwhile you can always move shop out of the US :P. Hope the tax increase doesn't pass.
    Also does this affect international orders ?
  • Well i am a snuffer in the UK so stocking up may be good for me like you say but i think Toms in trouble either way if this applies to existing stock. Maybe the retailers ought to put the prices up now to soften the blow. I for one would certainly prefer to pay a bit more rather than risk losing access to american snuff altogether. Don't like parting with money any more than anyone else but thats how i feel on this subject.
  • This may be good for Tom and snuff. Snuff being the most inexpensive form of tobacco use. The snuff trade may just boom.
  • JarhogJarhog Member
    edited January 2009 PM
    The one that I see thing being the killer is the pipe tobacco tax and the cigar tax. That will kill many tobacco shops.
  • sure! so an underground tobacco market is not so far fetched now is it?
  • The cigar tax is only 40 cents a piece, it's the lowest tax of all the tobaccos.
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