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Toque Menthol

LazarusLazarus Member
edited January 2009 in General
I just wish to congratulate Roderick on a very fine snuff indeed!

Normally I don't get on very well with menthol snuffs but I must say Toque Menthol is a really nice snuff. The menthol is not overpowering at all and the snuff doesn't irritate the nose. I've been pinching from a tin of it for the last three days and no runny nose, soreness or excess drainage at all!

Well done Roderick & team!


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  • I like the way I can take it straight or use it as the perfect mixer to juice up my blends. I looked into bulk buyin some of this lately but my budget is redlined for now. I may be snuffing chickory root soon. Anyone have an old refrigerator box they don't need?
  • Received a 25g tin of this in the post today along with some Toque Bourbon i have been so blown away by how good the Bourbon is i had forgot how distinct this one is from other menthols until i saw your thread. I love a session on menthol from time to time and this is great snuff, as you say very natural without the excessive drainage. I like a blast of menthol while out walking the dog and the last thing i need is massive drainage the dog has enough for both of us.
  • I'm not a menthol fan by any means, but I ordered some anyway to fill my bourbon order. I figured I could use it for mixing. I tasted a bit and it is very good, very clean tasting. Cleared me right out. Now to try adding some to some fruit flavors.
  • For me, as I've said a few times on this forum, I start my day with Hedges L260 for a good blast on menthol. So I shows that I do like menthol, but I couldn't stay on this all day. The Toque menthol is different, so sweet and charming. Today I placed an order with Roderick and it includes some menthol as I'm running low. With Roderick's speed I could have it no later then Wednesday.
  • right now I love menthols. There is so much variety in the menthol scent. Some sweet some more grassy. some very minty.
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  • SpyroSpyro Member
    Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I feel the urge to chime in again on this one. Toque Menthol is a great blend that gets overlooked by so many other menthol offerings on the market. It delivers a good menthol punch with no added complications. I can sit and enjoy this one all day if I'm in a menthol mood. It also excels as a mixer. For a plain menthol hit with no attached frills aside from a nice tobacco base this one gets underrated IMO.
  • tom502tom502 Member
    I was very impressed with their menthol as well. I have a 10g tin, but I already have so many various menthols, I don't need to restock for a long while.
  • Yep, a great, simple, menthol snuff. As you point out, its the superb base tobacco that make Toque such a winning snuff.
  • Just great!

    Mild menthol blast with a good nicotine level. I suspect Roderick is using the Quit base for this, I get the same clean tobacco aroma after the menthol dissipates.

    Reminds me of O&G in a few ways. Must always have this on hand.
  • I'm using up my 10g tin of Toque Cherry Menthol at an alarming rate, so I must try this one, too.

    Hmmm... Toque has 4 different menthol snuffs. Maybe the next time I order from Roderick, I'll go for the 6 for 5 deal on the 25g tins. One each of the menthols, a tin of Spanish Gem, and perhaps I'll gamble on something new for the last 25g tin. Either that or I'll just get an economy bag of the menthol. I've got plenty of flavor oils and extracts in the cabinet, if I want to take 10g out of the bag, pop it into an empty tin, and experiment with it.
  • All I can say is if you use to be a menthol smoker, you're gonna love the menthol.
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