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lemanleman Member
edited May 2012 in The Snuffhouse Bazaar
I just got a few blends from Bernard in the mail today, and I checked out the website on the back of the dispenser. You can apparently order snuff directly from them. Don't know if any of you know about this or not should be worth checking out.


  • lxskllr, Rajeks has a good selection of Bernard snuff if you would rather go that route.
  • edited January 2009 PM
    That's my problem as well. They have mouth watering (nose watering?) stuff but postage and packing comes to more than the value of the snuffs I want to order. Not prepared to pay that.
  • that is the thing I plan to make a huge order when I finaly get some rajeks.
  • I ordered some German snuff from Rajek's - and now it's impossible to receive it, since for some reason it's a private courier delivering the parcel! Normally it's the Royal Danish Mail, and they are very accurate, but this courier is horrible - dumps a note on the floor in the common staircase, not saying anything about eventual redelivery, not even what time they tried to deliver it!! I then called them, and got some female operator, whose Danish was so bad, that I'm not even sure she understood half of what I was saying! She couldn't understand that I work full-time and that they'll have to deliver it before I go to work in the afternoon. Well - I might have to find another source for German snuff, since apparently shipping from Germany is done by private couriers. What a nuisance!!
  • Viking, why must it be such a battle to get hold of a bit of snuff?? It almost seems like a boicot action!!
  • You may be able to go and pick up the parcel yourself from wherever they are keeping it. If it's a Rajek's order it's sure to be worth the trouble.
  • Good news from Bernard, Civette and Pariser No2 is manufactured again, and a new cherry energy snuff available.
  • Now that is excellent news! I don't have to be so sparing using what I have any more.
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