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Invent your own - MIXING SNUFFS!!!



  • Some great mixes here, When I get a minute, I'll ad them to the cocktail list.
  • I find Samuel Gawith's Irish D Light works well as a condiment or natural sweetner for something really brutal like NTSU or Taxi red.
  • bambam Member
    @FischTix I would love to have a mix named after me LOL Glad you liked it and yeah it is a bit of a wake up call I'll have to try some Bruton in it that sounds insane lol
  • edited March 2011 PM
    @Earthbound89 Here's a link for 5 Brothers tobacco bud,
  • @roosterman man thanks alot ive always wanted to try this but I thought they stopped making it two years ago...
  • @bam It'll wake you up....that's for!!!
  • @RoosterMan Thanks for that link too. I've already emailed back and forth with the man that works there. I haven't been able to find that five brothers. I also have a box of Cotton Boll twists (it was talked about on another thread here) headed my way, that I should get tomorrow. I believe that may be made by pinkerton too, just like five brothers. Anyways, I've heard they are both pretty strong and made of burley, so I'm looking forward to both of them.
  • I'm going again for Taxi Red sprinkled on the hand with SG Irish D Light. 'Beauty and the Beast'. Not an artificial flavour to be sensed. You know you've got tobacco up your nose.
  • I recently ground up a Ramrod, (a Bourbon flavored cheroot) and have mixed some in with my F&T HDT, 1 part Ramrod 2 parts HDT. It's pretty good! I have several of the Ramrods that had gotten dry and brittle, well, now instead of throwing them away they will get recycled into snuff.
  • Not sure if these mixtures have been mentioned yet, but yesterday I mixed roughly 1/2 toque whiskey and honey with 1/2 Rooster and it came out pretty good. Today I tried 1/2 cheese&bacon to 1/2 Rooster and they seemed to compliment each other nicely! Cheese and Bacon is so easy to take in large quantities for me, I can take like a gram in one sitting, the Rooster obviously boosts the nicotine plus it plays nicely with smokey bacon scent.
  • I made a good mix of Toque natural toast, Starr scotch and D. White all equal parts.
  • My mix, Blond Elephant,
    Ground up 2 Acid Blondies, Mixed in a Tablespoon of white elephant, Great stuff.

  • 50/50 sg mentholene with mcchrystals mild lemon. mentholemon!
  • BrandasaurBrandasaur Member
    edited April 2011 PM
    I made a good one, Ground up cohiba + vanilla cocoa with a little but if FUBAR grunt
  • mrorzmrorz Member
    F&T's HDT and Bordeaux, approximately 50-50. I like them separately, however HDT is a bit too piquant and Bordeaux too perfumey. Mixed they are perfect for my nose: easy to take and with pleasant, not overwhelming palate. I highly recommend trying this mix!
  • Chocolate + Vanilla + Coffee (Toque's version of these flavors mix very well) + any fruit (equal parts of each, but a tad less of the fruit snuff)
  • KebAMPKebAMP Member
    edited May 2011 PM
    I want to share my very best mix so far

    2 parts Ludwig Sternecker Echt Fresko
    1 part Dholakia Black
    1 part Toque Spanish Gem
    1 part Toque Whiskey and Honey

    Make sure to break every tiny bits of the Dolokia Black before mixing it.

    The result is a chocolate color, well balanced, easy to take snuff with just the right amount of moisture and a pretty good nicotine hit.

    Right after mixing it, the different aroma are pretty much easy to distinguish and they are coming one after the other (Honey, Spanish Gem, good basic fermented tobacco then the compost-like aroma of dolokia black). Now after a week sitting in a glass jar the aroma are starting to blend well into something very unique. It has high pitched notes that are supported by a very earthy, warm tobacco base. I really love it! I am addicted to the aroma.

  • also, a recent favorite has been White Rooster.
    2 parts rooster
    1 part dholakia white (more or less based on preference)
  • Coffee Blender:
    5 parts WoS Coffee Cream
    2 parts Toque Espresso
    1 part WoS Vanilla
    1 part WoS Irish Cream
  • Mark WMark W Member
    @KebAMP That sounds good! I will have to try that out, I love all those snuffs, and I happen to have them on hand. I have made some mixes that I love and others that I thought would be good, really weren't.
  • BodgerBodger Member
    White Gwayi:
    3 parts Babaton blue
    1 part White Elephant
  • KebAMPKebAMP Member
    @Mark W
    Great! If you happen to try this mix, I would love to hear back from you.
  • Having never found a satisfactory result myself I gave up mixing snuffs many years ago. However, here are two quite well-known mixtures discovered by others. Both were purely intended to simulate snuffs no longer available in their original form.

    80% Wilson’s Princes + 20% Tom Buck (or other piquant S.P)
    This produces a remarkably authentic Bordeaux and is superior to that currently sold under that name in the tall tin. Discovery and favourite of the snuff aficionado, Professor Philips Griffiths.

    50% F&T High Dry Toast - 50% Sam Gawith’s Irish D Light. This was discovered in an attempt to mimic the flavour of (if not the mill) Grant’s High Toast, which is no longer made. I noticed that some bright spark discovered this mixture independently and posted his recommendation (albeit with different ratios) on the snuff reviews site. For anyone who believes HDT can’t be improved upon try this 50/50 mixture.
  • SG Princes Gold + a splash of O&G to taste. I put about 1 pinch per gram -- 5 pinches in a small smashbox.

    I ran out of 5 Photo Super Himalaya a while ago, and I've been looking for a replacement. I find the 6 Photo Super Kailash is far too mentholated (and camphorated), and different from 5 Photo Super Himalaya in other ways, too. It's good, but it's just too much right now. It might be better for me in 6 months time.

    The SG Princes Gold + a little O&G isn't the same as the 5 Photo, either, but I like it. I like it a lot. I don't usually blend to add menthol, but in this case (especially with only a little O&G) I like it.
  • Some of my discoveries:

    SG Red Crest Scented (the coarser one) + fresh SG Kendal Brown (1:1).
    Ideal moisture, texture, nicotine and rich tobacco scent.
    My very first perfect mix (2012).

    And the latest success:
    Poschl Perlesreuter + WoS Singleton's Super Cool (2:1).
    Mentholated schmalzler with a far better kick, burn and some extra smokiness.
  • McCrystals summer harvest and f&t HTD make a
    Nice sunny day sort of snuff
  • My husband and I use our snuff boxes for blends, my favorite is Toque Whiskey and Honey with McChrystal Sicilian Burst. @Officialbenstein, we have the same taste because Summer Harvest and HTD is another one that is sublime! Husband likes WoS Crumbs of Comfort with McChrystals Vintage Velvet.

    Thanks for finding this, I have been looking for a blend/mix thread.....gonna look back and trying some of these!
  • I am gonna have to try that vintage select and WoS blend sounds amazing. High five for snuff friends @KayeC :)>-
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    Got an idea of mixing 6 Photo Motia with 6 Photo Special, which would result in camphorated
    eucalyptus snuff. This couple might blend nicely together. And if Special contains any menthol (does it? @sixphoto), Motia-Special blend would compose 6P Black Medicated.

    It's a pity that I don't have Special now. Anyone willing to try this and report back the outcome? :)
  • 3:2:1 mix of Jaxon's Club Special, Packard's Club, and WoS Jockey Club

    ~2:1 Toque USA W&H, WoS Jockey Club
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